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Tutorial category: Billing

Edit domain contact details Edit domain contact details

With SupportHost is possible to edit the domain contact details using our client area, with an easy and free process. NOTE: […]

Pay via wire transfer Pay via wire transfer

It is possible to pay via wire transfer for our services. To pay a new order via wire transfer all […]

Paypal pre-approved payments Paypal pre-approved payments

When you order a service, if it requires a renewal in the future, Paypal may create a pre-approved payment that you […]

Why is my account suspended? Why is my account suspended?

If you see a screen like the one below with an "Account Suspended" message these are the possible reasons: Delayed payment, […]

Recover client area password Recover client area password

The client area password can be reset using the "reset password" link that you find in the login page. A new […]

Order an addon for your account Order an addon for your account

If you want to extend the functionalities of your account you can an addon. Another way to extend it is […]

Hosting account options Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting account options Upgrade/Downgrade

If you want to extend your hosting account you can upgrade the options of your account. another way to extend […]

Email history Email history

Our client area saves all sent email (in case you lost any of them). To review your email history you […]

Hosting cancellation Hosting cancellation

It is recommended to request a service cancellation before the expiry date to avoid receiving notifications from our system. You […]

Domain cancellation Domain cancellation

If you want to cancel a domain, login to the clientarea, then on the menu click on Domains -> My […]

Changing the billing cycle of your account Changing the billing cycle of your account

If you want to edit the billing cycle (for example move your plan from monthly billing to annual billing) but […]

How to upgrade/downgrade How to upgrade/downgrade

With most of our accounts you can order an upgrade/downgrade from the client area. If amongst the upgrade/downgrade options you can't […]