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Changing hosting is extremely simple

We'll take care of everything and will give you 2 free months when you move to SupportHost
Are you fed up with your provider? Are you thinking about changing hosting?
Is your website slow or often offline?
Do you have to wait ages for an answer?
Is the hosting you are using insecure, or has your website been hacked?
Are they unable to sustain the growth of your website?
Do you want your site to be hosted with green hosting?

It's time to change hosting!

We understand that transitioning to a new web hosting provider can be a daunting task. As part of a special promotion, we are pleased to offer complimentary website migration services, irrespective of the compatibility of your current control panel.

Avail of this limited-time offer and experience a hassle-free transition to superior web hosting.
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Buy a Hosting Plan

Purchase one of our hosting plans. Not sure which one is best for your needs? Contact us today!
Contact Support

Contact Support

Send a ticket to the Super Heroes of our support with the access data to the old provider. We'll take care of the rest!
We Transfer Your Website

We transfer your website

Changing hosting is extremely simple. We transfer your website without any downtime, and keep you updated during the process.


Now relax and enjoy professional hosting and experienced support staff always available to follow you.
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To begin the migration process, you will require the login credentials from your existing service provider as well as the authorization code to transfer the domain. You will need to request this code from your current provider. You then have the option to select a plan that suits your needs, such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or semi-dedicated hosting. Once you have made your selection, please share the requisite details with us so we can proceed with the seamless transfer of your website. Please be assured that our team of professionals is committed to providing a smooth and straightforward migration experience.

And get 2 months of free hosting

We have already done everything possible to ensure that changing hosting to SupportHost can be as simple as possible, and here is the icing on the cake...

Order a plan for one year (or longer), and we give you 2 months of free hosting. The offer is not valid for dedicated plans.

To take advantage of the promotion, all you have to do is email us indicating that you have deleted your old account within 14 days from the order date.

Changing hosting has never been this easy!
*This offer is only valid if you transfer your main domain. This offer is not valid for dedicated services.
My website and emails have been transferred for free in record time. I will soon start to transfer my other websites to SupportHost.
Not happy with Aruba's hosting service, I decided to switch to SupportHost. As soon as they activated the order, I received a request to send the access data to the panel, they took care of the rest. No disservice, and now my website is very fast.
I had a blog on SiteGround. I decided to switch to SupportHost after reading around that they have better performance at lower prices. They asked me for my login details, and I didn't have to do anything but wait for the domain to complete the transfer. And they did it for free.

Learn more about the transfer process

The process of domain name transfer may differ based on its extension. It is imperative to request your provider for the authorization code, often referred to as auth-code or EPP code. This code functions as a password for your domain, providing an additional layer of security against unauthorized transfers. If you do not currently own a website, you will need to purchase a new domain instead of initiating a transfer.

The duration of the domain transfer process is contingent on its extension. For instance, domains with .it or .eu extensions typically require approximately 24 hours for transfer, while others may take up to 5 days. Certain providers offer the option to expedite this process via a specific link sent through email.

These transfer timelines provide us with the opportunity to migrate your website files to the new server's webspace. During the domain transfer, the domain will continue to point to the old server. We will manage the transition of your website files and MySQL database to your new account with us, ensuring a seamless transition. Once the domain transfer is complete, your website will be live on our hosting platform.

This approach enables us to guarantee zero downtime during the domain transfer process.

If your previous hosting provider utilizes cPanel, we will employ a tailored tool to facilitate the transfer, creating an exact replica of your account on our server. However, if your previous provider does not use cPanel, a manual transfer will be necessary. This involves transferring the files and database manually, followed by editing the configuration file of your Content Management System (CMS) using a text editor. Please note that with manual transfers, we only transfer a single installation.

We understand the importance of a smooth, hassle-free transition and are committed to providing you with the best possible experience during your domain transfer.
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