Changing hosting is extremely simple

We'll take care of everything and will give you 2 free months when you move to SupportHost
Are you fed up with your provider? Are you thinking about changing hosting?
Is your website slow or often offline?
Do you have to wait ages for an answer?
Is the hosting you are using insecure, or has your website been hacked?
Are they unable to sustain the growth of your website?

It's time to change hosting!

In a limited offer, we will perform the transfer of your website for free even if the control panel does not match.
Buy Hosting Plan

Buy a Hosting Plan

Purchase one of our hosting plans. Not sure which one is best for your needs? Contact us today!
Contact Support

Contact Support

Send a ticket to the Super Heroes of our support with the access data to the old provider. We'll take care of the rest!
We Transfer Your Website

We transfer your website

Changing hosting is extremely simple. We transfer your website without any downtime, and keep you updated during the process.


Now relax and enjoy professional hosting and experienced support staff always available to follow you.
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Remember that in order to proceed with the migration, you will need the login information from your previous provider and the auth code to transfer the domain. After requesting this code from your current provider, you can to order a plan for example a WooCommerce, PrestaShop or semi-dedicated hosting and then let us know the details to proceed with the website transfer.

And get 2 months of free hosting

We have already done everything possible to ensure that changing hosting to SupportHost can be as simple as possible, and here is the icing on the cake...

Order a plan for one year (or longer), and we give you 2 months of free hosting. The offer is not valid for dedicated plans.

To take advantage of the promotion, all you have to do is email us indicating that you have deleted your old account within 14 days from the order date.

Changing hosting has never been this easy!
*This offer is only valid if you transfer your main domain. This offer is not valid for dedicated services.
My website and emails have been transferred for free in record time. I will soon start to transfer my other websites to SupportHost.
Not happy with Aruba's hosting service, I decided to switch to SupportHost. As soon as they activated the order, I received a request to send the access data to the panel, they took care of the rest. No disservice, and now my website is very fast.
I had a blog on SiteGround. I decided to switch to SupportHost after reading around that they have better performance at lower prices. They asked me for my login details, and I didn't have to do anything but wait for the domain to complete the transfer. And they did it for free.

Learn more about the transfer process

The process of transferring the name of a domain varies according to its extension. In all cases, you must ask your provider for the authorization code (also called auth-code or EPP code). This code is like a domain password and is intended to prevent someone else from transferring the domain without your permission. If you don’t have a website, you will need to order a new domain instead of a transfer.

The number of days required to transfer the domain varies according to its extension. For example, a .it domain or a .eu domain is transferred in about 24 hours, while for the other extensions, it takes 5 days. With some providers, the transfer process can be shortened by clicking on an appropriate link that is sent via email.

These transfer time give us the possibility to move the files of your website to the webspace of the new server. Until the domain transfer is completed, the domain will keep pointing to the old server. We will take care of transferring the website files and the MySQL database to your new account with us. This way, as soon as the domain transfer is finished, the customer will see their website running on our hosting. It allows us to guarantee that there will be no downtime during the domain transfer.

If your previous provider uses cPanel, we will use a specially designed tool for the transfer and create an exact copy of your account on our server. Conversely, if your provider does not use cPanel, a manual transfer will be required. That is, we will have to transfer the files and the database manually, then using a text editor, we will modify the configuration file of your CMS. With the manual transfer we only tranfer a single installation.
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