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Managed VPS cloud hosting

All the power you need in a fully managed service
Vps Cloud Hosting Managed

If you choose a managed cloud VPS hosting, you can delegate all server-side operations to us. From a management perspective, it will be like using a shared hosting or semidedicated hosting. If you want to have root access and manage the server, you can opt for an unManaged VPS cloud hosting. Are these plans too small for you? Take a look at our dedicated servers.

1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
Cloud 1 Managed
80GB SSD disk space
20TB Monthly traffic
Multiple datacenters
1Gbit/s bandwidth
Uptime 99.9%
Cloud uptime 99.99%
Fully Managed
Free backup
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Cloud 2 Managed
160GB SSD disk space
20TB Monthly traffic
Multiple datacenters
1Gbit/s bandwidth
Uptime 99.9%
Cloud uptime 99.99%
Fully Managed
Free backup
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Cloud 4 Managed
360GB SSD disk space
20TB Monthly traffic
Multiple datacenters
1Gbit/s bandwidth
Uptime 99.9%
Cloud uptime 99.99%
Fully Managed
Free backup
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Who should consider VPS Hosting Cloud plans?

If you have a website that sees a lot of traffic or requires special attention, a VPS cloud hosting solution (also known as virtual machine hosting or VPS hosting) or dedicated servers is the way to go.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS cloud plans offer dedicated resources designed to meet your specific needs. You can choose which operating system and what software to install on your server.

If your website continues to grow, you can easily upgrade your plan at any time, simply by paying the difference. All VPS cloud hosting plans are located in our data centers in Europe and the United States.

VPS Cloud hosting: should you choose managed or unmanaged?

With a managed cloud hosting plan, you get a control panel and we take care of server management. It's almost like having a shared hosting account. On the other hand, going unmanaged offers the ultimate customization, including choosing an operating system.

A managed VPS cloud hosting plan gives you the freedom to focus on building your website. All server management tasks are taken care of by us, and we provide the same support as we do for shared hosting accounts.

With an unmanaged plan, you get Root access, giving you full control. It's less expensive than managed hosting, but you need technical skills to handle server management.

In the end, it's up to you to decide which plan is best for your needs. Whether it's managed or unmanaged, VPS cloud hosting offers you the flexibility, customization, and control you need.
UnManaged Managed
Access type Root Control panel
Who it is suitable for? Experienced user Average user
Operating System Your choice CentOS 7
Managed Hardware and Network
24/7 human intervention in case of failure
99.99% hardware uptime guaranteed
99.9% uptime guaranteed
Security Updates
CSF Firewall Configuration
Free Support
Proactive support
Free transfer
Redundant DNS Cluster
Support using the control panel
Server Hardening and Optimization
Installation of additional software
Ability to request specific configurations
Disaster recovery procedures
Restore from backup entire server
Restore from backup single account
PHP recompilation
Thanks to a good job on SEO and a bit of luck my site kept growing. As soon as I reached the limits of the semi-dedicated plans SupportHost advised me to switch to cloud hosting, they took care of everything and now I can continue to grow visits.
I needed a custom solution to put online an application that I had just finished developing with nodejs. SupportHost's staff followed me throughout the server configuration phase. Great service and knowledgeable staff.
I needed an environment with custom configurations to create demos for my clients to have the finished work displayed before delivery. One of the operators did all the initial configurations and installations for me, and the only 2 times I needed help they were extremely fast.

Control panel

All our VPS cloud hosting Managed accounts come with CyberPanel. During the order you can choose if you want to use cPanel or Plesk.

Free transfer

We migrate up to 10 accounts for free on VPS Cloud Hosting if the control panels match. We plan the transfer together with the customer to avoid any possible downtime. Transfer is free only with the purchase of a yearly plan or longer.

Dedicated IP

All of our VPS Cloud hosting have a dedicated IP (1 IPV4 and 1 IPV6) included in the price which is not shared with anyone. This way, you do not risk that the IP of your site ends up on some blacklist due to incorrect actions of other users on the same IP.

Fully managed

Our VPS Cloud Hosting plans are managed by our technical support, we take care of the configurations and management of the machine. What does it mean? It means that it is as easy as a normal shared hosting account,but with the power and customizations of a VPS Cloud Hosting.

Daily backups

We perform snapshot backups (a complete copy of the entire machine) included in the price for all VPS cloud hosting plans and keep them on an external server. Snapshots are created daily and ket for 7 days. We also backup the whole server in an external datacenter for further security. This includes 7 daily copies and 1 monthly copy.

Easy upgrade

You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time by ordering an upgrade directly from the client area. The plan will upgrade to the chosen one with a few minutes of downtime and the IP address will remain unchanged. It's not possible to downgrade.

Private nameservers

If you prefer, you can use your nameservers and not show the SupportHost brand to anyone. You can use your domain name to point your customers' domains to your virtual machine.

Constant monitoring

We monitor your cloud VPS in real time, 24 hours a day. Zabbix notifies all operators in the event of a problem and we take action to solve it within the first 5 minutes.

Cache and performances

Depending on the customer's needs, we can decide whether to install a server-side cache system such as Varnish, NGINX, or LiteSpeed + LSCache (LiteSpeed has license costs).

Frequently asked questions

Is SupportHost hosting service environmentally friendly?

We do our best to adopt sustainable practices by restricting carbon emissions and lowering our environmental impact.

That's why we only choose certified green energy providers and power our datacenters with wind and hydropower. Moreover, we pay close attention to our infrastructure so that we select only the most efficient hardware and reduce wastage of resources so that we can guarantee you a green hosting service.

Is the hardware redundant?

Yes! Unlike a normal VPS server, our VPS cloud hosting plans are redundant solutions. It means that if the hardware your VPS Cloud hosting plan runs on has a problem your virtual environment will automatically restart on new hardware within minutes.

Is there a minimum contract?

No need to worry about getting locked into a contract - with our VPS cloud hosting there's no minimum commitment. You can pay for as little as one month, and cancel at any point. Plus, if you commit to a longer period we'll even give you a discount.

We want our customers to be happy. We want you to choose us because you're happy with the service we provide. That's why we don't make you sign up for any contracts or commitments. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our VPS cloud hosting solutions today!

How are backups performed?

With our Managed VPS cloud accounts we offer 2 different backup systems:
- Snapshot: A complete copy of your server that allows for a full server restore
- Backup: performed with r1soft, to allow the restore of a single file or single database.

We make a full copy (snapshot) per day of your cloud hosting VPS server and keep the 7 most recent copies. If you have a Managed cloud account you can ask us for a restore.

We create automatic backups per account (for example for each cPanel account) and we can restore a single account (or just some files or just a database) for €20. This service keeps the last 7 daily backups and 1 monthly backup. These are included with all managed cloud hosting, you only pay 20€ in case you need a restore.

If you wish to have greater autonomy, you can purchase an additional disaster recovery service (with R1soft), this will be maintained on an external server. This service has a monthly cost based on the space purchased and allows you to restore your backups directly from the browser through a simple control panel. In this case, the number of backups and the period for which they will be kept will be agreed with the customer based on the space purchased for emergency recovery and the space used on the VPS cloud hosting plan.

Can I host more than one website?

Sure, you can host as many sites as you want, there is no limit. You just have to make sure that the plan you choose has enough space, memory, and power to host all of your websites.

Keep in mind that the control panel you purchase may have account limits. If you are not sure which plan and control panel is best suited to your needs, contact us, we will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Do I need to have experience in server management?

If you buy one of our VPS cloud hosting Managed solutions you will not need any knowledge in server management, on your part it will be like managing a normal shared hosting account. We take care of server management. If you prefer to manage the VPS yourself you can check our unManaged VPS cloud.

How many emails can I send every hour?

On Cloud hosting there are no hourly sending limits, but we recommend setting a sending limit of 500 emails per hour to prevent the IP from being blacklisted in the case your account gets compromised and sends spam.

Are there any restrictions on upgrades and downgrades?

For technical reasons it is only possible to upgrade to a higher level, a migration will be required to downgrade to a lower one.

In no case with our VPS cloud hosting solutions, it is possible to move from a Managed plan to an UnManaged plan.

Are there any limitations related to free transfer?

We will migrate up to 10 accounts if the control panel in the source server is the same, and you ordered for at least one year. We will migrate up to 10 accounts from cPanel to CyberPanel.

If your previous provider uses cPanel and has the native backup feature active, we will migrate up to 10 accounts, in the first 30 days from the order date. In this case we will create a complete copy of your accounts, emails will also be copied.

If you don't use cPanel or the native backup function is not active, we must proceed with the manual transfer.

In this case, we will move only one website, i.e. only one installation. Emails will not be migrated.

Why cloud hosting and not VPS?

In a normal setup, VPSs are servers (or server clusters) that contain several VPSs. In this situation, if the server has a problem your VPS goes offline. The same happens if one of the cluster servers has a problem.

This does not happen with our cloud solutions. If the server has a problem we can restart your cloud hosting account in minutes using another server.

Do VPS cloud hosting plans include an SSL certificate?

In managed solutions, we install Let's Encrypt, which allows you to generate a free SSL certificate for each domain and subdomain on your hosting plan. Let's Encrypt is installed free of charge by our systems engineers.

Do you have any security certifications?

Yes, our datacenters are ISO 27001 certified. This standard is internationally recognized and ensures that data is protected, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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