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Top-notch hardware

The stability and speed of your website depend on the datacenter and the servers hosting your website. That's why we chose to operate from a cutting edge data center and use only the most powerful hardware on the market.


Our datacenter is located in Nuremberg, Germany. It has been conceived to be energy efficient and sustained by renewable energy.

The datacenter features state-of-the-art physical security measures, such as iris scanners, fingerprint scanners, and computerized motion detectors, to ensure that all servers and data kept within them are always safe.

It is also equipped with a battery system capable of supporting the consumption of the Datacenter for 15 minutes and an auxiliary diesel generator that comes into operation automatically in the event of a blackout.

We have redundant connections to major centers. It ensures fast access to websites whether you are using a shared or semi-dedicated hosting plan or in case you are using a VPS cloud hosting or dedicated server.
DDoS protection
Automated system to protect your website, applications, and servers.
Electrical redundancy
UPS and diesel generator for maximum electrical continuity.
Security systems
Access control via password, fingerprint, and iris scan. Closed-circuit video system.
24/7/365 monitoring
At any time, a technician is always present inside the Datacenter, ready to intervene manually in case of problems.
Our Datacenter is sustained entirely by renewable energy.
Fire protection
Instant fire detection system connected directly to the nearest fire station. Fire doors.
Controlled temperature
The entire website has a cooling capacity of 16kW, which guarantees an optimal service quality.


To provide a high-quality service, we use only the best hardware on the market. All the servers we use have SSD drives. It allows you to get maximum speed and connectivity at 1Gbps. Our speed tests prove it.
AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core processors
128 GB RAM DDR4-2400
SSD disks with M.2 NVMe technology
1Gbps connectivity

For the environment

We are committed to safeguarding the environment. That is why we only use renewable energy to provide our services

Hydroelectric energy

Our Datacenter uses hydroelectricity. Our partner is Energiedienst AG, a certified company that generates electricity without generating CO2.

Efficient Hardware

For years, all the investments we have made have been based on energy efficiency. We determined the electricity consumption of the various servers and network components. This allowed us to use the data collected as a criterion for selecting the components we use.

Choose SupportHost with Clean Consciousness

We try to use measures to promote an internet that is energy efficient. The costs associated with these choices are not passed to our customers. Choose SupportHost for a cleaner future.