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What is GDPR?

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We care about your privacy. Our service is GDPR compliant and we provide you with the necessary tools to make your project compliant.

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Frequently asked questions

What data controller means?

The data controller is the owner of the website, in our case SupportHost OÜ. The data is collected by the owner when registering or filling out a contact form. SupportHost is the owner of the data of its customers.

SupportHost’s customers own their data, which is why SupportHost:
-Does not use its customers’ data for purposes other than those stated in the privacy policy
-Processes customer data only when necessary, or in those cases where the customer requests it

SupportHost’s customers are the owners of their customer data, and agree to appoint SupportHost OÜ as the data controller.

What does data processor means?

A data controller is the natural or legal person who processes or maintains data on behalf of the data controller.

If you purchase a service with SupportHost OÜ you agree to appoint us as a data controller, according to the rules described in the data processing agreement.

What are personal data?

The GDPR identifies as personal data any information that identifies or makes identifiable a natural person.

For example:
– First Name
– Surname
– Photo
– Tax code
– Address
– IP Address
– etc…

What does data processing means?

Data processing is defined as any operation applied to personal data, for example:

– The sending of a newsletter
– Sending an invoice
– Sending an SMS
– A telephone call.