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Choose green hosting at SupportHost

You can't deny the fact that datacenters require a lot of electricity to operate. Supplying power to servers, security systems, and temperature control require high energy consumption. So, how can a building that consumes a lot of energy aim for environmental sustainability?

At SupportHost, we choose to make a difference by following two principles.

We only use clean and renewable energy sources, and we choose state-of-the-art technology for our servers. We do this to ensure reliable website performance and energy efficiency. Moreover, our team works entirely remotely thereby, eliminating emissions from transportation use.

We deliver zero-emission services

By using renewable energy sources, we can use energy that has zero emissions thanks to CO2 compensation. This is not possible with fossil fuels. Not only are fossil fuels non-renewable energy sources, but they also produce high amounts of CO2 to generate energy and their emissions cannot be balanced.

By exclusively using renewable energy sources to power our datacenters, CO2 emissions are counterbalanced through carbon absorption and carbon neutrality is achievable. Reducing CO2 emissions is vital to preserving the environment and fighting global warming. By choosing SupportHost's green hosting, you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

Only certified sources of green energy

Our hydropower and wind power suppliers are 100% green energy certified. NaturEnergie from Energiedienst AG is our supplier in Germany. This a company certified by TUV Nord and has been awarded the "Grüner Strom" certificate for green electricity from 100% renewable sources through hydroelectric power plants in the Black Forest and on the Upper Rhine.

In Finland, we use energy supplied by Oomy Oy, an energy company that supplies energy to homes, medium-sized and large enterprises.
Our data centers in Finland are powered exclusively by energy from renewable sources such as wind power and hydropower.

The energy company we rely on only selects energy from sources that have obtained a certificate guaranteeing its origin. The GoO known as the Guarantee of Origin certificate, is issued in Finland by Finextra Oy. This guarantees compliance with European guidelines on the use of renewable energy sources.
Green Web Foundation

SupportHost is listed in the Green Web Foundation directory, the organization that promotes renewable energy in the web hosting business.

Efficient hardware to reduce consumption to a minimum

In a hosting service, sustainability also includes choosing the most appropriate hardware that ensures optimal performance while using a minimum amount of energy. To guarantee green hosting, we have selected energy-efficient hardware to use in our servers.

This means that all server and network components in our data centers are chosen based on their efficiency: the ability to run at full capacity while keeping consumption to a bare minimum, thereby avoiding a waste of resources.

Corporate sustainability by remote working

Our commitment to the environment does not stop with just relying on certified partners to use renewable energy.

Our company consists of a widely distributed team that works remotely. By not being tied to a physical office, we can reduce our impact on the environment by avoiding daily commutes and consequently the increase in traffic, pollution, and fuel consumption.

Together with One Tree Planted for the planet

We care about the planet and understand that every small gesture for nature is important. That's why we are delighted to announce our collaboration with One Tree Planted. Every month, we will make a donation to contribute to the environment by planting new trees.

One Tree Planted is an international non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation and the preservation of natural habitats. The organization has projects worldwide, from North America to Asia, and has planted over 90 million trees in 80 countries since 2014.