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Fast hosting

The speed of a website depends on three factors: the hardware that is used, the software used on the server and how the website is developed.

We always use top hardware and constantly renew it to offer the best to our customers. With a 1 Gbit/s connection.

We keep all our servers up to date and avoid overloading them to make sure your site is always responsive.

OPcache and memcached are available on all plans, and on WordPress hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and PrestaShop hosting we use LiteSpeed + LSCache to give you the best performances.

At this point it’s up to you to have a light and fast website.

Secure professional hosting

On SupportHost each account is completely isolated from the others for greater security. With our solution even if one account is not secure, other accounts on the same server cannot be attacked.

On all our hosting services we use ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) to be able to identify malicious code and viruses on our servers.

Also on the servers that host our hosting accounts is installed Imunify360, a professional tool that scans all files. Each file is scanned at the moment it is uploaded to the server for malware and viruses. If any are present the file will be immediately quarantined without being run on the server. All email attachments are scanned for viruses, both for incoming and outgoing mail for our customers’ safety.

We have a set of proprietary rules in order to identify and mitigate the most common brute force attacks on major CMS in real time. This way you are safe from these types of attacks and the overloads that these can cause.

24/7 Support

We do everything we can to make your life easy with our 24/7 technical support.

Is there anything you can’t do? All you need to do is to contact us. You will receive the solution in a very short time, or we will write a tutorial specifically for you (our famous ‘tutorial on demand‘).

Our services are monitored every 5 minutes, in case of a problem all technicians receive a notification and work to solve the problem even before the customer can contact us.

Redundant DNS cluster

We use a redundant DNS cluster for greater stability and speed.

Each nameserver resides in a different data center, so each nameserver is physically separated from the others.

This way if one of the nameservers has a problem the site stays online because it is served by the other servers in the cluster.

We can use the same nameservers for all our servers and if we have to move your site from one server to another we can do it without any downtime.

We also used the cluster to set up a secondary MX, which we offer for free with all shared hosting solutions.

Hosting grows with your website

We have been in the market since 2010. We know how things go. You work hard to grow your site and your needs change.

We can grow together. As your site grows and becomes better known it will need more resources to sustain the increased volume of traffic.

With us, upgrading is easy and you only pay the difference. We take care of everything without any downtime.
For years now I have left Aruba to move to SupportHost. The service is perfect and the support is fast and always resolutive.
In 3 years we had a 15-minute down time, and the warranty was honored with two free months. We are moving all our sites to SupportHost and are recommending it to everyone
Just keep going like this and don't change your attitude when the big numbers start rolling :-)

SSL certificate

All our hosting accounts include a SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt in the price.

NVMe disks

We use NVMe SSD disks so that customers' websites are always at top speed.

Free transfer

Are you ready to change hosting? We take care of everything and without any downtime, we also give you two months of free hosting.


All our services are monitored every 5 minutes. If a problem occurs all technicians are notified and the problem is solved before the customer can contacts us.

External backup

Every day we create a full backup of your account on an external server, we keep the last 30 backups and make them available for restore from the control panel.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Buy without worrying, you have 30 days to try the service and see if you like it and if it's right for you. If not you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Uptime guaranteed

If we don't respect the promised uptime we'll give you back the money of the current month. It is in our best interest that your site is always online.

Free domain

With SupportHost the domain is always included in the price, even at renewal. You are not getting any surprises from us.

1 click staging

With a single click you can create a staging installation to do all your tests, and push the changes to your production website with another click.

Clear prices

We do not raise renewal prices, we never have and we never will. We don't like surprises and we don't want to give you any.

1 click install

You can install most scripts and CMS on the market with 1 click. Included in the price!

No contract

When you buy with us do not sign any contract. If you do not want to renew you have no obligation. We only ask the courtesy to request the cancellation.
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