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Paypal pre-approved payments

September 1, 2016 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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When you order a service, if it requires a renewal in the future, Paypal may create a pre-approved payment that you can manage from your paypal profile. PayPal will send you an email notification.
You can delete or manage your pre-approved payment, but if we don’t receive a payment for the renewal we can suspend your service.
A pre-approved payment is something that is set on the client’s account and sends us the money automatically (not upon ur request) on a specific day.
Our system do not know if the pre-approved payment is active on your account then in every cases you will get an invoice before the expiry date.
When we receive a duplicate payment (the service is renewed manually and then we receive an automated payment) the client has 2 options as described below.

Leave the credit in the client area for future invoices

This credit is maintained on you account and automatically used for future invoices. You can see you credit in the topbar, in the notification menu.
supporthost tutorial accout credit

Request a refund

We are not liable for an account sending money to us, or for receiveing a double payment.
If we receive a pre-approved payment and you want t refund we can only refund with a fee equal to the transaction costs To refund it the payment has to be done in the last 30 days. We can’t give a refund if the account has been renewed.

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