When you complete the order you accept this term of services and all the related documents found here:

Acceptable Use Policy

Affiliate terms

Service Level Agreement

Resource usage policy

Cookie Policy

We really care about your privacy, and we will never sell your personal data (unless another business buy WebServiceStudio LLC).

1. The service that we provide

In exchange for fees that you pay in advance, we host your website in one or more servers, as long as the customer meets the terms and conditions of use that are expressed on this page, and all other agreements related to the service we give. We will give the service as described in the specific hosting plans you select during the process or registration. For clarity, in this page, the term ‘services’ refers to the services of web hosting that we provide to you and if you’re an affiliate, the Related services that we provide you with the affiliate program. The term WebServiceStudio or we refers to WebServiceStudio LLC.

2. Permission to host your content

To ensure that we hosted, your website, it is necessary for you to upload your content and your files on our servers. When you upload your files, you are creating one or more copies of your content on our systems.

Purchasing a hosting service from us, you acknowledge that these copies are made, and you give us permission (a license) to keep these copies on our servers and make them available to Internet users. You are solely responsible for providing all content and other data that make up your website.

3. Personal Information

When you order our services your personal information, including information on your credit cards, are transmitted through the use of technology in an encrypted Secure Socket Layer. We take your privacy seriously, and obviously we will not sell your personal information to third parties (except for any company that may acquire or detect WebServiceStudio LLC).

You agree to be called by a representative of WebServiceStudio LLC at the phone number you provided during registration, or be contacted by e-mail for important information about products or services WebServiceStudio LLC offers.

4. Backup Service

As a courtesy we offer automated backups to our clients. We keep a daily backup for the last 30 days at no additional cost. We cannot be liable for problem related to a corrupted or missing backup. For this reason we recommend to create your own backup and store them locally on your computer.

5. Guarantees

5.1 Satisfaction Guaranteed

As we explain in this section we offer a guarantee ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ (the number of days is indicated on the related website) with all our plans.

Here’s how it works. If you delete your account we will refund the amount paid, excluding the fees listed below.

In the case you noting plan has not been deactivated after the refund you will not receive any kind of support, unless you pay again the cost for the plan, and the cost for the transaction of the refund.

We cannot refund the cost for the registration or transfer of the domain (even if you get the domain for free with a promotion), the cost for the dedicated IP, SSL certificate installation, SSL certificate, script activation, sitelock, licenses, ssh access, VPS and the cost for the website migration.

The registration fee for each domain is equal to their activation cost.

The only way to obtain a refund is to open a ticket in administration, this request must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the date of the request, in no case will be taken into account the date of cancellation in case the customer has requested cancellation from the customer area.

This guarantee will not be valid if you don’t follow this guidelines, and if you violate some of our rules, listed either here or in the other downloadable files in the same web page.

This warranty is only valid after the first payment and not after a renew.

This warranty is only valid for the first purchase. A customer who already has a service with us will not be able to take advantage of the guarantee for subsequent purchases, even if these are made through a different account in the customer area.

5.2 Fast Support Guaranteed

We guarantee a fast answer to all our clients (before 8 working hours). If we’re not able to keep this promise we will credit you an amount equal to a month of hosting.

This does not mean that we will solve your problem before 8 hours, but that one of our operator (a real person) will be in touch with you. Sometimes a problem needs time to be solved, so we cannot set a maximum time, but we always do our best.

Our working hours are:

mon-fri: 09:00-12:00 14:00-18:00

We do our best to have an operator online at every moment of the day, you’ll receive the solution to your problems even in the night, sundays or public holidays.

All the servers are monitored 24/7 by our technical staff.

We guarantee a fast answer only if you open a ticket from the client area in the support department. We cannot guarantee fast answers for pre-sales info or other requests.

6. Ticket abuse

We treat always with respect our clients, and we expect they do the same with the members of our staff. If a member of our staff thinks the client is addressing in an un polite manner we reserve the right to suspend the client’s account and ask him to use another hosting service. In the case we decide to terminate the service we will give the client a 10 days notice. In this 10 days the client has no right to ask for support. In this cases we do not offer a refund.

client opened multiple support ticket for the same problem we will discontinue the support service for 24 hours, eliminating all the client’s requests without giving an answer.

If the client keeps opening tickets after the temporary block we reserve the right to terminate the account and give the client a 10 days notice to find another provider, as stated in the previous paragraph.

7. Limits to support tickets

Since we offer a cheap hosting, the support we can provide is not unlimited. We offer a maximum of 3 hours of free support with every plan (5 hours if the annual cost is above 40€, or equivalent in other currency. If paid monthly we will take the monthly cost 10 times). After this threshold we will ask you 3€ (or equivalent) per ticket.

Real problems will always be supported for free, even after you used all the free support. As for real problem we count down of the server or its associated services. The block of the IP address from our firewall is not counted, and you could have to pay. Every problem due to a 3rd party script cannot be considered a server problem, not in even in those cases where the the same code is working on another server.

We will send an invoice with the ticket answer, and you can pay it in the next 4 days. On the 5th day our software will apply a 5€ surcharge. We can suspend the hosting account until the invoice gets paid.

When possible we try to not enforce this rules, but we reserve the right to refer to this point if we think a client is abusing our time, creating slower answers for all the other costumers.

8. Free transfer

In order to participate in the promotion that provides a discount on the service, and the migration of files by our technicians, please open ticket on the “Orders and Transfers” department, before or after purchasing the plan, in some cases a ticket can be opened automatically for you. This request must be sent in the first 7 days after the order date. The process of transferring files and databases will be handled manually, so you will need to agree to an operator who will complete the whole. Depending from the case, the transfer could not be free. Please ask our staff. To allow us to transfer your website in time you must send all the requested data in 8 hours from the order. Form manual transfers we set a limit of 10.000 files and 15MB database. If your account is bigger than that the cost will be higher or we can refund the quota for the transfer.

the time needed for the migration depends from the account size, from the number of transfer in line, end from eventual issue we might encounter while proceeding. We will do our best to complete the transfer in 24-48 hours but we cannot guarantee a maximum time since some events are out of our control.

The discount will be given to you as credit in you client area, after the completion of the transfer. It is mandatory to request it at our billing department before 7 days after the completion of the transfer.

If possible we will move the expiration date, otherwise we will credit your account. You will be able to use that credit for any of our services.

This promotion is only valid if you pay annually (or longer period).

To be able to have the free transfer the following conditions must be true:

  • The old provider must have the native cpanel backup fungino active, with the possibility to send the backup via FTP to an external server
  • the main domain must match (old cpanel and new cpanel)

We will just create an exact copy of your cpanel on our server

9. Payments

When you sign up, your account will be activated with the automatic renewal, which means that when the renewal date arrives, your hosting plan and domain will be renewed. If you would like this from happening, and do not want to renew your account, you must cancel your renewal at least 21 days before the date of renewal. If you have questions about when is the renewal date, please sign the restricted area or contact us. If you forget to cancel the automatic renewal 21 days prior to renewal, your account will be renewed, so please be sure to check if you want to renew or not and report it in confidence. The date of the renewal of your account is always shown in the client area.

If more than 5 days from the date of billing for hosting services and we have not received full payment, your account will be suspended, which means that your data, files and web site or any service you with us is no longer accessible. If within 25 days after you pay the amount due, the account will restore all your data, files and website will be available immediately. You must have an active method of payment to your account to automatically renew, the lack of this requirement will result in automatic suspension or cancellation of your account at the time of renewal. We reserve the right to suspend your account in case you have unpaid invoices in your account. We will re-activate it only after receiving the payment. In some cases our system can apply an overcharge for the delayed payment, our operator cannot eliminate that fee.

If spend an additional 25 days from the date that your account has been suspended and have not made payment in full, WebServiceStudio LLC has the right to delete all the files you’ve uploaded to the server. In summary, if you have a delay of 30 days to pay your files will be deleted. Recognise that this is our policy on data retention, and waive all rights to your data and in these situations.

Invoices for renewals will be issued and paid at least 14 days before to ensure we receive the funds for the continuation of hosting and domain renewal.

9.1 Dedicated Services

Dedicated services are VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers, for these we will send you an invoice 21 days before the exipry date.

In case of delayed payment your service will be suspended at 12 PM EST in the day of expiration. We reserve the right to keep the service online a few more days, but we cannot guarantee it.

If the payment is not received before the due date we will apply a 10€ fee (or equivalent) to the invoice.

If the service has been terminated we cannot guarantee we can be able to retrieve your data.

9.2 Domain transfers

If a domain is transferred away we will terminate automatically your linked web hosting account (if present).

10. Pre-Approved Payments

Some payment gateways give us the possibility to create a Pre-Approved Payment. If we receive one of those payments, it’s not that we requested it, but it’s your account that sent the payment to our account. The credit will be added to your client area, and you will be angle to use for every service we provide. If you need a refund, you’re responsible of making the payment and we will keep a 1€ fee from the refund. We will refund using the same gateway you used to send us the payment.

We can only refund payments that have been made in the last 30 days. Otherwise You have to use that money as a credit from our client area.

If the payment has been used to renew a service we cannot refund the amount. Remember to suspend your pre-approved payments if you don’t want to renew our services.

11. Free Domain

Some of our plans are offering a free transfer or free registration of a domain. This promotion is only valid if the domain is bought with the hosting account. It will not be possible to change the domain name, or to have a free domain name in the future. If you already have a domain, or an hosting account with us, it will not be possible to partecipate to this promotion, unless you a buy a new hosting account with a new domain name.

In some cases our billing system will decide automatically to suspend this promotion on your account, for example (but not limited to this cases) if you only renew the hosting account, if your hosting account is suspended due to a late payment, if you switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan, after disabling the automatic renew of the domain, etc…

13. Limitations of liability WebServiceStudio LLC

The Customer recognises and acknowledges that the release of the information space and the subsequent promulgation of the internet, through WebServiceStudio Services LLC, is done entirely at your own risk. The Customer acknowledges that the internet is not controlled by WebServiceStudio LLC and that, because of its peculiar structure, no public or private entity nor WebServiceStudio LLC is able to ensure and monitor the performance and functionality of the branches and network control content of information that is transmitted through the network. For this reason, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that no liability can be attributed to WebServiceStudio LLC for transmitting or receiving illegal information of any kind. You agree to indemnify WebServiceStudio LLC for each share of liability that may be made by third parties with respect to violations of national or international laws made by the customer. The Customer shall pay all costs, damages and expenses, including legal fees, that may result from such responsibility actions and undertakes to inform WebServiceStudio LLC where such a liability action should be initiated against it.

It is implied that WebServiceStudio LLC does not guarantee either the customer or to third parties that the service is perfectly suited for a particular purpose. No responsibility can be imputed if the provision of service, with the specific characteristics required by the customer, is conditional upon the third party (including but not limited to: provider WebServiceStudio LLC).

Customer, raising WebServiceStudio LLC from any related liability, acknowledges and agrees that:

using the services provided in conjunction with other infrastructure (national and international) is limited to the boundaries and the standards issued by the operators of such services, as well as the laws in force in the countries that host these services and the international;

are always possible disruption of services due to technical failures and malfunctions of the machines and software, whether owned by WebServiceStudio LLC or its suppliers;

the very nature of Internet services, where many entities are involved, does not provide any warranty with respect to the constant availability of the service and / or the possibility of reaching any web space from all over the world and / or transmission and receiving information and / or the delivery and receipt of mail, much less to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the same;

the actual speed of Internet connection depends on the degree of congestion of the network, the quality of the access network and the customer connection. WebServiceStudio LLC, therefore, is not able to guarantee the effective achievement of the maximum speed;

the use of Internet services to other nodes of the Internet, not in the management of WebServiceStudio LLC, will be subject to the restrictions and responsibilities established by each operator of such services and should be conducted in compliance with applicable laws in host countries such nodes and services, and international laws and regulations with the use of networks and nodes involved.

WebServiceStudio LLC is committed to ensuring the best features of the system, but does not assume any responsibility towards both their clients and to third parties for delays, malfunction, suspension and / or interruptions in service caused by the reasons it does not responsible, such as, but not limited to:

unforeseeable circumstances, catastrophic events or force majeure;

that the third party (including but not limited to: unauthorised publication of texts by third parties entered by the customer in any area of ​​messaging, public or private)

malfunction or nonconformity of the connecting equipment to which the customer has with those charged by him or otherwise used,

tampering or interference with the services or equipment carried by the customer or by third parties not authorised by WebServiceStudio LLC;

incorrect use or non-conforming use of the Service by the Customer, these Terms and Conditions of Use, or otherwise missed the customer requirements;

failures and malfunctions of the machines and software, whether owned by WebServiceStudio LLC or its suppliers.

In such cases, WebServiceStudio LLC is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the customer and/or Third Party, whether direct or indirect, foreseeable or unforeseeable, including by way of example and without limitation loss economic/financial, business, revenues and profits and/or goodwill; the customer, therefore, acknowledge and agree that nothing will be expected of WebServiceStudio LLC as compensation, compensation, reimbursement or otherwise.

14. Managed Service

The root password is not provided by default, but it can be requested via support ticket. We’ll require a motivation before providing the root password. Some operation performed using the root password might invalidate our “managed service” and we could bill the support operations (after discussing it with the client) as described in the “paid services” section.

Our support for managed VPS is limited to what is described below:

  • Physical hardware management, monitoring and replacement;
  • Network availability;
  • Free installation of the cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin control panel is done during VPS provisioning;
  • Free control panel and OS optimization is done during provisioning. General optimization is suitable in 99% of use cases;
  • Free initial security hardening;
  • Free initial accounts migration from remote system with the same control panel;
  • Management of all aspects of the operating system, assistance and troubleshooting of any problems related to operating system and standard control panel components;


  • Initial installation
  • Initial service optimization
  • Version upgrade/downgrade (note: EDGE build is not supported)
  • Repair
  • Licensing
  • Troubleshooting of automated update and/or backup creation tasks

Mail services

  • Upgrade/reinstall exim MTA
  • Upgrade/reinstall courier-imap POP3 and IMAP service
  • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall SpamAssassin
  • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall ClamAV antivirus
  • Troubleshoot and repair mail delivery problems (note: problems caused by 3rd party mail scanning, filtering, products are not supported, custom delivery rules or ACLs are not supported)
  • Troubleshoot standard Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail webmail clients

Web service

  • Apache web server recompilation
  • PHP upgrade or recompilation with additional options/modules directly supported by cPanel’s easyapache script
  • PHP configuration modification
  • ionCube installation/removal/upgrade
  • Zend Optimizer installation/removal/upgrade
  • eAccelerator installation/removal/upgrade
  • Troubleshoot and repair Apache/PHP installation and/or configuration (note: custom Apache configuration or modules are not supported)


  • Upgrade MySQL version
  • Repair MySQL installation
  • Repair/optimize MySQL databases
  • Troubleshoot MySQL startup or connectivity issues


  • Repair/reinstall named
  • Named configuration troubleshooting

FTP service

  • Upgrade/reinstall proftpd or pure-ftpd FTP server
  • Switch between pure-ftpd and proftpd
  • FTP service configuration troubleshooting (note: custom configuration rules or custom FTP server modules are not supported)

17. These terms and conditions may change

Given our evolving and ever changing nature of web hosting in the world, these terms and conditions of use are subject to change. Will update here with the terms and conditions of use, and the continued use of the services means that you accept the changes we have implemented.

In the case we will make big changes to our terms we will send a communication to our clients via email.

18. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of use

This agreement becomes effective at the time you submit your order or open an account for our services for any business. If you are already our customer and you do not agree with these terms, delete your account. Otherwise, if you inscribe or continuing to use our service, you accept the above. If you have questions regarding the terms of service, feel free to contact us for clarification.

Using the WebServiceStudio LLC services indicates that you have read and accepted all the terms mentioned above, and you declare to accept all the downloadable terms on the same web page.