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Matomo Analytics

A GDPR compliant alternative to Google Analytics, with no management required

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Our Matomo Analytics is basically free. We decided to set a price of 1€ per year (less than a coffee) to keep out (at least hopefully) snoopers and spammers.

When you think about the time it takes to install matomo, using our version is definitely worth the price. Not to mention that you don’t have to upgrade anything in the future.

Thanks for the offer, but I prefer the self hosted version

That’s perfectly fine.

Obviously with the self hosted version you have more control, but you have to install, configure and update it. This is meant to be a solution for everyone, both the inexperienced and those who don’t have time to spend, to make the switch from Google Analytics to Matomo in the easiest way possible

What kind of support do you offer?

Since this is basically a free service, we do not offer any kind of support.

We take care of the server and software part, it is then up to the client to search on the web how to install the tracking code (which is the same as Google Analytics) and how to read the reports.

Why do you offer a free service?

Not everything has to be done for money. With the structure we have, offering such a service involves very little work and a few extra euros in costs per month.

It is also a great way for us to make ourselves known and give back to the online community, which over the years has allowed us to grow and become the company we are today.
So why not?

Want to give back? Recommend us to a friend or colleague, or link to us from your page!