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Certified email

A secure certified e-mail service with all the space you need.

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Create your certified email

Certified subdomain

By certifying the subdomain, you can create a pec box such as: [email protected]

This is the best option if you want to continue to manage non-certified emails by creating traditional email accounts associated with your domain.

Certified domain

If you certify the domain you will be able to create emails such as [email protected]. By certifying the domain you will not be able to handle uncertified email on your main domain

Additional mailboxes

If you already have a certified domain, you can purchase an additional emails. For example, if your domain is already certified, you can create mailboxes such as: [email protected], [email protected].

Instant notifications

You can set up your own regular mail address to receive uncertified emails. This way, uncertified emails addressed to your PEC box will be automatically redirected to your other address.

Certified email for all your needs

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Frequantly asked questions

Who can have certified email?

Certified email can be requested by private citizens with Italian tax codes, professionals and Italian companies.

How do I activate a certified email?

After ordering the certified email, you will receive by email a PDF document to fill out and send to us. The document can be digitally signed, or you can scan the hard copy after signing it. In the latter case, you will also need to attach an ID.

Activation time varies depending on the certified email type you are ordering. Generally, activation can take up to 2-3 days; for basic email the time is shorter than for email Pro, which requires domain certification.

I need the certified email to open the VAT number, I need the VAT number to open the certified email. How do I do that?

In the PDF document that we send you, you can add your business name and leave the VAT number field blank, you can then tell us later after you open it.

How can I access certified email?

You can access your certified email either through webmail to view emails directly from your browser, or by connecting your mailbox to an email client such as Outlook.

In the activation email, you will be sent all the data to configure you email client. You will be able to use POP3 or IMAP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail as protocols.

Can I receive non-certified mail on my PEcertified emailC address?

Ordinary (non-certified) emails do not reach the certified email inbox.

From your account settings, you can enable forwarding of non-certified emails, so you can redirect them to an uncertified email address of your choice.

In general, it is best to keep traditional email and certified emails separate, you can read more about this in our guide.

Will I get a notification when I receive an email?

Our certified email service includes email notifications.

By activating notifications, you can enter an ordinary email address where you will be notified whenever a new certified email arrives.

Are there any features that help me manage emails better?

Sure, you can create custom folders to organize all emails received.

In addition, you can create filters that allow you to perform automatic actions based on rules, for example, you can automatically move all emails received from a specific sender to a specific folder.

Is there a maximum limit for attachment size?

The maximum size of attachments is 100MB.

How do I know if the certified email email was sent and delivered correctly?

After sending a certified e-mail message, you will receive an acceptance receipt. This message, which shows the date and time it was sent, is proof of successful sending.

When the message reaches the recipient, you will receive a second receipt. The delivery receipt certifies that the email has reached its destination. If there were problems, such as the recipient’s box is non-existent, you will receive a non-delivery receipt.

Will I be able to comply with REM European standards?

Yes, your certified email can be adapted to the European REM standards that require owner identification and the use of two-factor authentication.

What happens if I pay late?

Certified emails are suspended 5 days after they expire.

You can restore a mailbox within 180 days at a cost of €30.