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With SupportHost, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at any time and without downtime. You can move from a plan to another directly from the client area. Besides performing the upgrade and downgrade of the plan, you can also activate options to extend the services of your account.

In this tutorial, we will see how to upgrade or downgrade the plan, upgrade options, and change the billing period.

How to upgrade or downgrade

Let's see how to upgrade or downgrade your current plan. First, login to the client area with your credentials and click on Services.

Client Area Services

You will see a list of active products and services on the account, click on the product you want to upgrade or downgrade to access the service details.

Select Services

In the Actions menu on the left of the screen, click on the Upgrade / Downgrade option as indicated below.

Actions Upgrade Downgrade

On the new screen, you will see a list of all possible upgrade or downgrade options for your current plan.

If the plan you want to upgrade to is not listed in the upgrade or downgrade options, just contact us. In this case, the option is not available because the website must be moved to a new server to upgrade the plan.

At the top, however, as highlighted on the screen below, the current configuration is shown.

Upgrade Downgrade Current Configuration

By clicking on the drop-down menu next to each upgrade or downgrade option, you can select the billing period.

Upgrade Downgrade Billing Period

After selecting it, click on the blue "Choose Product" button to continue.

Upgrade Downgrade Choose Product

On the next screen, you will see the expense summary and can proceed with the payment if happy.

Upgrade Downgrade Summary Payment Method

How the cost of an upgrade or downgrade is calculated

The transition to a higher plan than the current one (upgrade) requires the payment of the difference.

If, on the other hand, you are downgrading you must pay a fixed cost of 10€ you are not entitled to any credit.

How to upgrade or downgrade options

You can extend the product you purchased by upgrading (or downgrading) options if your account allows it. Access the client area and click on Services.

Client Area Services

Choose the service you want to update by clicking on the one you are interested in from the list of active services.

Select Services

From the Actions menu, click Upgrade / Downgrade Options.

Actions Upgrade Downgrade Options

On the new window, you will see the list of options that you can add to your hosting plan. To upgrade options, simply check the boxes next to the individual options and click on the Continue button.

Upgrade Downgrade Choose Options

You will then see a summary of the options you have chosen. Afterward, you can proceed with completing the order.

Upgrade Downgrade Options Summary Payment Method

Please note that activation can take up to 24 hours, as manual intervention is required to upgrade and downgrade options.

How to change the billing period

From the client area, you can change the billing period of your plan if you are upgrading to a higher or lower plan. As seen in the previous sections, during the upgrade/downgrade procedure, you will be prompted to select the new billing cycle.

Upgrade Downgrade Billing Period

If you want to change your billing period without upgrading or downgrading your plan, just open a ticket. Access the client area and click on Support -> Open ticket.

Support Open Ticket

On the next screen, select the Sales department and send your request specifying the service for which you want to change the billing period.

Ticket Sales Department

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