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Update billing info

October 29, 2021 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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Invoices get issued to a single contact. From the client area, you can update billing info or create a new contact to set as default for future invoices. In the second case, you will need to add a new contact to your account. Let's see how to do it step by step.

How to update billing info

You can update your billing info from the client area. Login to the client area, click on your name, and then on Account details.

Client Area Account Details

Insert the new billing data modifying those already entered. These data will be used in the next invoices. If you have any unpaid invoices they will be updated.

Update Billing Info

Make sure the Default Billing Contact drop-down menu item is Use Default Contact.

Default Billing Contact

Once you have filled in all the fields, click on the "Save Changes" button to update billing information.

Save Changes

Please note that changes to billing information will only affect invoices not yet paid and issued, while invoices already paid will not be affected and cannot be changed.

Updating of already sent invoices

Keep in mind that it is not possible to make any sort of changes to invoices that have already been paid. For invoices yet to be paid, you can follow the following steps.

If the invoice data you entered is wrong and you already sent the invoice without paying it, you can change the data as indicated above. The invoice will be updated by the system within 5-10 minutes.

Create new billing contact

If you don't want to use your default billing contact, you can create a new one and set it as the account holder of the new invoices.

Access the client area, click on your username, and then on Contacts.

Contact Management

From the Contacts section, you can add new contacts or edit and delete existing ones. In this case, we want to add a new contact. To do that, click on the drop-down menu and choose the Add New Contact option, then click on Go.

Update Billing Info Add New Contact

Fill out the form with the required fields, and then click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Adding New Contact

This way, we have created a new contact. Now we just have to set it as a billing contact.

Click on your username and then on Account details.

Client Area Account Details

In the form, you will see the item Default billing contact, click on the drop-down menu and select the new contact created.

Create New Billing Contact

Click on Save changes.

Save Changes

The page will refresh and show a notice like this below, notifying you that the changes have been made.

Changes Saved Successfully

Add VAT id

We only charge VAT on invoices to private customers residing in Europe.

If you have a VAT number valid with VIES, you can enter it in the customer area to receive VAT exempt invoices, in reverse charge.

In this case, you have to check that your VAT number is valid with VIES, and if not, ask more information to your accountant.

You can check here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/

If your VAT number is valid, you must fill in the "Company Name" field and the VAT number field.

Please note that the VAT number must have the format IT1234567890 to be accepted by the system.

After you enter the VAT number, if there are any unpaid invoices, they will be updated within 10 minutes. Paid invoices cannot be modified in any way.

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