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Are you looking for a reliable web hosting service but can't decide which one is right for you? We understand how difficult it can be to make an informed decision and that's why we are offering our free hosting trial. This is an ideal opportunity to test one of our plans and see if they meet your needs without having to commit or subscribe.

Once you have activated the trial, you can use our service for 14 days and make sure it's right for you. You'll be able to access all of our features and test out different configurations.

If after the trial period you believe that web hosting with us is what you need then simply subscribe to one of our plans. If you don’t feel that it’s what you need then simply let the trial plan expire and no payment will be taken from you.

We are confident that our web hosting service is the perfect choice for you, so don't wait any longer and activate your free trial today.

Features of SupportHost free hosting

Instant activation
No credit card required
SSD disks
cPanel & WHM
Preinstalled CMS
SSL certificate included
Developer tools
Free Hosting Supporthost

You can try some of our best solutions here. In addition to CMS hosting, we offer shared hosting to getting started with a website or blog, semidedicated hosting for sites with more traffic, and reseller hosting for those who want to open a reseller hosting business.

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Try out one of our plans with no strings attached and no credit card required.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an entry-level solution suitable for blogs and sites that do not need any particular configuration. All plans include SSH access and WP-CLI to give you maximum control over your site. Our shared plans are available in Apache and LiteSpeed versions. With LiteSpeed you can increase your site's performance by up to 20-30% and support more traffic as well. Is your website growing? You can upgrade to a bigger plan at any time and only pay the difference.

Semi-dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting can be the ideal solution for an eCommerce site, a site with a high volume of visitors or for those who want to host multiple websites. Our plans allow you to create additional domains, email accounts and unlimited databases. You also have the option to choose a pre-installed content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla! This can save you time and effort when setting up your site.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the ideal solution for those who want to resell the hosting service to their customers. With this plan, you can also create multiple accounts for your websites, or clients' websites, in order to manage them all independently. All our plans include cPanel & WHM and you can choose between Apache and LiteSpeed versions.

WordPress Hosting

At SupportHost, our WordPress hosting plans are tailored to meet the needs of all users, from beginner to advanced. We offer shared and semi-dedicated hosting plans that come pre-installed with WordPress, allowing you to get started quickly and easily - without any prior experience needed. You can have Apache or LiteSpeed depending on the plan you choose - meaning you can get the most out of your website's performance, page loading times, and scalability.

Joomla! Hosting

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems used by webmasters and developers to build powerful websites. With our Joomla hosting plans, you can choose from a variety of different plans that allow you to share or semi-dedicate resources for your website needs. You have the option of selecting a plan that best meets your needs, or you can choose to have Joomla pre-installed on our shared or semi-dedicated plans.

Drupal Hosting

With a Drupal hosting plan, you can choose from either a shared or semi-dedicated plan which comes pre-installed with CMS capabilities. Shared hosting plans are ideal for those who need a basic setup for their website. Semi-dedicated plans provide additional features and flexibility, such as increased storage and bandwidth, for more robust websites.

PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop hosting is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to quickly and securely launch an online store. Our PrestaShop hosting plans are designed to provide reliable and robust hosting solutions, that are optimised for PrestaShop performance. We offer both Apache and Litespeed shared or semi-dedicated plans, depending on which you prefer.
I chose to try SupportHost for a small personal project, taking advantage of the free trial. When I decided to purchase the service, I wasn't sure which package was best, and the client assistance staff was able to guide me through the process.
I hope they keep up the good work!
I was looking for a service that was reliable, but wasn't too expensive. After the free trial I decided to move my site to SupportHost. So far it is the best and fastest service I have ever found.
I have several sites on SupportHost and so far I have never had any problems. I have had to get in touch with support team at odd hours and they have always been very fast.

Why try our free hosting?

No strings, no obligations

There are many ways to say "free". Our free hosting really is free. There are no hidden obligations, no credit card is required and you won't be charged for any subscriptions when your trial expires.

It's as simple and transparent as you see it.

Built on Support

At SupportHost, we understand that customers may encounter challenges with their hosting at any time of the day or night. We don't want our customers to ever experience downtime or service interruptions due to technical issues. That's why our team is available to offer round-the-clock support and assistance whenever needed.

Our ticket support system is available 24/7, and we guarantee that all tickets will be answered within 8 hours. 90% of the time, tickets are answered within the first hour! We want to make hosting easy for you, that's why you can find detailed tutorials on our website and you can always ask us for an on-demand tutorial if there is something you are unable to do.

Safe from any Attack

We use professional tools like ClamAV and Imunify360 to monitor and protect all accounts. We want to offer you a secure service, which is why we isolate each account from the others with a customized solution.

This ensures that in the event that one account is compromised, all others would remain safe. This allows us to offer a secure service on par with a dedicated solution, even in shared hosting.

We use proprietary rules to automatically block and prevent bruteforce attacks. With our cutting-edge tools and premium support, you can rest assured that your website or application is safe from any attack.

Super Fast Hosting

We prioritize providing our customers with the best website performance. That's why we offer LiteSpeed hosting plans to ensure your site is running at optimum speed and performance. With LiteSpeed, you'll enjoy faster loading times due to higher web server performance and caching with the LSCache plugin.

Our servers come with the latest hardware, including AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core CPUs, 128GB RAM and NVMe SSD disks. This ensures that your site is always running efficiently and smoothly. We also offer various data center locations for you to choose from so you can ensure that your users are getting the best experience possible.

Developer Tools

We offer professional tools with all plans. We want you to have complete control over your site, which is why we provide WP-CLI, SSH access, Git, and a one-click actionable staging environment for all our plans.

Our plans include free daily backups, and furthermore, with dedicated solutions, you can access a disaster recovery plan as an additional option.
Test our service for free
With SupportHost you can test our services for 14 days. There is no contract and you don't need to add your credit card data. It is really that easy!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SupportHost provide green hosting?

Yes, at SupportHost, we are deeply committed to maintaining a sustainable and environmentally-friendly hosting service. We prioritize green hosting, ensuring that our servers are powered by clean, renewable energy sources and operate on highly efficient hardware.

In addition to this, we actively strive to reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging our staff to work remotely, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions. By choosing SupportHost, you can take comfort in knowing that you are making an eco-friendly choice and contributing towards the preservation of our environment.

Is it absolutely free?

You can try our free hosting for 14 days. Simply choose the plan you prefer and order it.

You'll activate a free trial and can try the service until it expires.
You will be notified by email when your plan is about to expire and you won't have to do anything to deactivate it.

In most cases, when you are offered a free trial, the automatic renewal is also activated and you have to remember to deactivate the service.

With SupportHost you don't have to worry about anything. When it expires, the service is automatically deactivated and you don't have to pay anything.

Do I need a credit card?

No. You can try our free hosting with no strings attached.
You can activate a trial immediately, you'll only be asked for contact information, but you won't have to enter any credit card information.
Choose bank transfer as your payment method so you don't have to enter any payment details.

How does free hosting work?

With SupportHost's free hosting you can try our service for 14 days. No subscription is required.

Activating the free trial is very easy:
- Choose the server location between Europe and the USA. It is recommended to choose the location closest to the users who will visit your site.
- Choose the type of server. With our shared and semi-dedicated hosting plans you can choose between Apache and LiteSpeed.
- Select the plan. You can choose between SharedSemi-dedicated and Reseller.
- Choose a pre-installed script. Want to try our free PrestaShop hosting? Or WordPress hosting? You can choose the CMS you want and you'll find it pre-installed when your plan is activated.

What do you offer with free hosting?

Our free shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and reseller hosting plans offer a comprehensive range of features that allow customers to try out the full extent of our hosting solutions. All of these plans include cPanel, the most widely used hosting control panel in the industry, making it easier for users to manage their accounts. In addition, our free reseller hosting plans include WHM, the control panel from which customers can create and manage accounts for their users.

Through cPanel, customers are able to fully manage their websites and perform a variety of tasks, such as creating databases and subdomains, managing email accounts, setting up cron jobs and accessing server logs. Additionally, with our free hosting plans, customers can test the speed of NVMe SSD disks and get the best performance by choosing LiteSpeed as their web server.

To complete our offering and ensure that customers can make the most of their service, we provide various tools such as Git, SSH access, WP-CLI to use WordPress from the command line, configurable .htaccess and the ability to create a staging environment. All of these features give customers the opportunity to try out our hosting solutions in its entirety before making a purchase.

Which plans can I try with free hosting?

For 14 days you can try our shared, semi-dedicated and reseller hosting plans for free.

If you choose a shared or semi-dedicated plan you can decide whether to have a pre-installed CMS: WordPressJoomla!Drupal and PrestaShop.

If for example, you want to try our free WordPress hosting you just have to select "WordPress" as the script to be pre-installed.

Please note that our CMS hosting plans are shared or semi-dedicated plans on which you will find the pre-installed CMS.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of the 14-day free hosting trial, the service will be deactivated.

You will not have to do anything when it expires, there is no need to request for deactivation and most importantly, there is no obligation to purchase our plans either.

You can use our free hosting to do as much testing as you want. Upon expiration, you can choose whether or not to subscribe to a plan based on your needs.

It is not possible to switch from the free plan to the paid one, when it expires the account will be deleted.

In order not to lose the work you've done, if you've started creating your site, you can export a backup and import it to your new account.

Is the SSL certificate included with free hosting?

Yes, SupportHost provides you with free Let's Encrypt certificates with all hosting plans.

Which domain can I choose?

When activating a free hosting plan you will be able to use a subdomain of SupportHost which will look like this:


The subdomain is provided for free, you just have to choose it during activation.

You don't need to register a domain, our service is completely free.

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