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Who needs a dedicated server?

You need a dedicated server if you have a website with a lot of visits or if you have special needs.

Since this is a dedicated solution we can customise the server according to your needs. If your website has special requirements we can install all the softwares you need.
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6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
Dedi 1
Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake
2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD
1 Gbit/s bandwidth
Unlimited traffic
Cpanel Logo
Fully managed
Script installer
Disaster recovery 100GB
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Dedi 3
AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12 Cores "Matisse" (Zen2)
2 x 1.92 TB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition
1 Gbit/s bandwidth
Unlimited traffic
Cpanel Logo
Fully managed
Script installer
Disaster recovery 100GB
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Do you need a Managed or UnManaged service?

A dedicated server offers unlimited customization possibilities.

You can choose a Fully Managed plan through which we provide you with everything. If you don't have IT skills this is the best solution. You will have access your control panel and it will be like managing a normal shared hosting. We will take care of the maintenance and management and will monitor the server so that you can concentrate your attention on your website.

If you know how to manage a server you can choose the UnManaged option at a much lower cost. In this case you will have root access and the chance to do whatever you like with your server. For example, you’ll be able to choose the operating system of the server. By using this service, whenever you encounter a problem, you will be able purchase a support ticket for a system intervention.
UnManaged Managed
Access type Root Control panel
Who it is suitable for? Experienced user Average user
Operating System Your choice CentOS 7
Managed Hardware and Network
24/7 human intervention in case of failure
99.99% hardware uptime guaranteed
99.9% uptime guaranteed
Security Updates
CSF Firewall Configuration
Free Support
Proactive support
Free transfer
Redundant DNS Cluster
Support using the control panel
Server Hardening and Optimization
Installation of additional software
Ability to request specific configurations
Disaster recovery procedures
Restore from backup
PHP recompilation

Control panel

When you order, you will be able to choose whether to add a control panel to your dedicated server. We have all cPanel licenses available (including cPanel ONLY) and Plesk licenses at a discounted price.

Free transfer

If you buy a managed server with an annual payment or longer, we will migrate up to 10 accounts for free (if the control panels match). We will plan the migration with you in order to avoid downtime.

Dedicated IP

Each dedicated server includes an IPv4 and an IPv6. These IPs are yours and yours only, and will not be shared with anyone. You can avoid the risk of the IP being blacklisted.

Fully managed

When you order you will be able to choose whether to add a Fully Managed contract. If you purchase this service, we will take care of the complete management of your server so that you will be able to concentrate on your website.


If you buy an UnManaged dedicated server you will have Root/SSH access for a complete management of your server. Furthermore, you will be able to manage your server from our client area, being able to reboot it, put it in rescue mode and much more.


On all servers with Fully Managed contract we include an option with 7 daily backups of the entire server that will be maintained on an external server in a different datacenter.
My site had several spikes in visits that had caused blockages. After an analysis I was recommended a dedicated server. I have access to the same control panel as before and no more problems due to peak visits. Now those peaks are very good earning opportunities.
I have an unmanaged server with SupportHost. Only once was I not able to fix the problem myself. I purchased a systemic intervention and in no time everything was fine again. I am recommending them to all my colleagues.
My site continued to grow. The SupportHost staff recommended that I move to a dedicated server. They took care of everything. Now my site can handle any spike in visits and my site is faster than ever.

The pros of a dedicated server

Dedicated server and Security

Unlike a virtual private server, with a dedicated server, you will have the entire machine at your disposal, so you won’t have to share resources with other users.

With a dedicated hosting you will have maximum security, because you are physically isolated from all other websites. Based on your needs, we will evaluate what type of protections you need and take the necessary measures.

Our product features an advanced DDoS protection.

We offer a “Fully Managed” level of support, which means that we will take care of everything and you will not need any kind of knowledge in server management. Obviously if you prefer there is the possibility to manage the server on your own and, whenever you need it, you can contact our support.

Dedicated hosting with top performances

We want to ensure top performances for our customers.

Each server in our datacenters has connectivity up to 600 GBit/s and we only use the latest generation hardware to ensure that the performances of our dedicated servers is always at its peak.

We want to offer our customers the best possible service. We can only be successful if our customers are successful. A successful client is the one with a fast website.

Unlike a shared hosting service where a server and its resources are shared between different users, a dedicated server has resources that are only at your disposal. We are talking about RAM, CPU, disk, IP address and everything else.

Frequently asked questions

I have a site with another provider, can you help me with the transfer?

We offer free transfer up to 10 accounts with the managed service if the control panels match. We plan the migration with the customer in order to avoid downtime or any other issue.

Any differences between dedicated server and VPS/Cloud?

A VPS cloud hosting has dedicated resources but virtually assigned to your machine, while the physical resources are shared between multiple accounts. In case of a dedicated server you have 100% of the physical resources of your server. Both cloud VPS and dedicated solutions reside in the same datacenter, so there is no difference in connectivity.

Is there a minimum contract?

With SupportHost there is no contract, you can cancel at any time. The minimum you can pay is for a month, we have discounts for longer periods of time. It is not possible to get your money back as this is a dedicated service created just for you.

Do you offer a backup service?

An external server backup service is included on all servers with a Fully Managed contract. We keep 7 daily copies on an external server in a different datacenter.

If you need a restore and you have a managed plan you can contact us and for only €20 we will restore an account on your server.

During the purchase you can add additional services including a disaster recovery solution with R1soft. If you decide to purchase a disaster recovery solution, you will have access to a control panel to restore your files and databases using a simple graphic interface.

How many websites can I host on my server?

There is no limit to the number of sites you can host on your dedicated server, the same goes for cloud hosting. Some control panels have a pricing system based on the number of accounts, and that could be a limit. This limit can be overcome with a different panel license.

Keep in mind that a server has finite resources (CPU, RAM, storage) and therefore there is a physical limit for the number of websites that you can host in it before you see a decline in the performances of your websites.

Do I need to have knowledge of a system engineer?

No, it is not necessary to have any system admin knowledge, during the order process you are given the possibility to choose a Fully Managed contract. With a monthly fee we will provide you with a complete management of the server. You will have access to the control panel and it will be as easy to manage as a shared hosting account.

We will take care of installing, updating, managing, monitoring and maintaining the server. For any issue, all you have to do is open a ticket and one of our technicians will solve the problem.

Are there any email sending limits?

There are no limits on outgoing emails. As with the cloud VPS plans, however, we recommend setting a sending limit of 500 emails per hour. This way, if one of your sites gets compromised and is used to send spam, we have the possibility to limit the damage and prevent the IP of your dedicated server from ending up in a spam list.

Do you have cheaper dedicated servers?

On all our services we focus on quality, and quality comes at a price. You can find all the servers available in our cart.

When looking for a dedicated server you should not only look at the price, but also (and above all) at the specification of what you are buying and at the datacenter in which it will be located. We know that our competitors sell servers at rock bottom prices, with 16GB ram and years-old processors. If that is the deal, than it would be better to rely on a virtual machine (cloud VPS) with an updated hardware, as long as you are interested in having high performances for your website.

We have compared the features and prices of our dedicated servers with the competition and it turns out that, when providing the same hardware and level of support, we are much cheaper. We can say that considering the quality/price, we offer the best dedicated servers.

The cost of a dedicated server depends mainly on its hardware and the level of support that it offers.

What can I use a dedicated server for?

Basically you can do whatever you want with a server. Besides hosting your website or app, these are the main categories:
- Dedicated gaming servers, Dedicated minecraft servers.
- Dedicated windows servers.

If you get an unManaged server you will be able to install whatever you want on it. The only limit will be your knowledge.
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