The objective of this document (Service Level Agreement or SLA for short) is to define the level of service offered and the guarantees offered by SupportHost in those cases where these standards are not met.

Validity, Modification and Replacement

This SLA comes into effect as soon as the customer purchases a service, for an indefinite period until the service is renewed. SupportHost reserves the right to modify or replace it at any time. Any changes take effect indefinitely until the next change. The customer may withdraw within 30 days from the date of the change directly from the client area.

Service Level Agreement

SupportHost OÜ guarantees an uptime of 99.9% or higher (depending on the type of service, the correct uptime is indicated on the page of each service). If within a month we are unable to maintain the uptime you are entitled to a credit (this guarantee cannot be converted to cash, but is issued as a credit that will be automatically used to pay future invoices). You must meet the following requirements to qualify for the credit:

  • Your account must be up-to-date with payments.
  • You must submit a ticket through our client area to the administration department.
  • You must submit your request within 5 days of the detected downtime.
  • The request must contain the support ticket number related to the problem.
  • The refund will be made on the first day of the following month by crediting the amount to the user credit.
  • Downtime due to traffic spikes which cause the website/server to reach its resource limit and thus a downtime is not taken in account.

Hosting Plans

We guarantee that your website will be accessible to visitors for 99.9% (or more if specified on the website) of the month, otherwise, we refund 100% so that you do not pay for that month.

Cloud Plans and Dedicated Servers

Credit will be calculated using the following table based on the price you pay monthly, we only calculate the cost of the server:


In case you are using an UnManaged plan the warranty offered only covers the hardware uptime.


We are not responsible for downtime related to the services listed below, and you will not be eligible for reimbursement for any of the following:

  • Scheduled downtime or scheduled maintenance operations.
  • Software malfunctions installed by the Customer or incorrect configuration of the same.
  • Malfunctions due to customer actions.
  • Malfunctions that derive from the interruption of backbones or problems related to the Customer's connection.
  • Late payment, misuse of our services or violation of our terms.
  • ISP or local connection problems.
  • Downtime created by Customer mismanagement or misuse.
  • Natural disasters or events beyond our control.
  • Other problems that are not caused by our data center.
  • Force majeure that objectively prevents our staff from intervening.
  • Extraordinary interventions that must be carried out urgently at the sole discretion of SupportHost to maintain the integrity of the structure. The eventual execution of this type of intervention will be communicated to the client by email with a notice of less than 24 hours or at the same time as the start of the operations.