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Tailor-made for PrestaShop, even faster with LiteSpeed
Prestashop Hosting Tailor Made

With our PrestaShop hosting you have LiteSpeed which allows you to take your ecommerce to the next level. Depending on the hosting plan you choose, you can host one domain or unlimited domains as with WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and Joomla hosting.

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
PrestaShop 1
40 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
45.000 visits
Multiple datacenters
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1 domain
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
2.5GB di RAM
2.5 CPU
20MB/s IO
25 Processes
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PrestaShop 2
65 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
60.000 visits
Multiple datacenters
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1 domain
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
2.5GB di RAM
2.5 CPU
30MB/s IO
30 Processes
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PrestaShop 4
100 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
200.000 visits
Multiple datacenters
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Unlimited addon domains
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
6GB di RAM
50MB/s IO
50 Processes
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Try our free trial hosting service for 14 days without commitment. Perform all the tests you need and if it's the right service for your need you can have a fresh start on a paid plan!
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Could your online store grow?

Since 2010 we have been meeting the needs of our customers and have thought of every possible eventuality. That’s why we have chosen to offer our customers the opportunity to move from one plan to another in just a few clicks and only pay the difference between the two plans. All our products are designed to meet everyone’s needs, so if you don’t know which hosting is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help and advise you.
I set up an online store for selling sports and fishing equipment. Never had a problem with hosting. SupportHost is a great partner if you want your website to always be reachable.
After some problems with the old provider (with whom we had a Linux hosting) we decided to move our site here and we have never regretted it. SupportHost provides a professional service and support staff prepared and always available.
I run several client websites, including some ecommerce created with prestashop. I am slowly moving everything over to SupportHost after trying it out with a few clients. Without a doubt the best hosting for prestashop.

PrestaShop Hosting Features

Anti-virus and anti-malware system

We want our customers’ websites and email accounts to be safe at all times. SupportHost’s solutions provide two types of protection.

We make sure your account is virus-free by running scans with Clam AntiVirus. We also scan both incoming and outgoing email attachments throughout the server to provide you with the best protection.

On all our solutions we have an active system that scans all files as they are uploaded to the server, looking for malware. If one of the files you upload to the server is reported as infected it will be quarantined or deleted automatically, thus reducing the risk of your account sending spam or your website being hacked.

PrestaShop super-fast hosting

We want your site to perform at its best at all times. A slow site loses customers and it’s important to us that you succeed. Your success is our success. That’s why we want your website’s page load times to be kept to a minimum at all times.

That’s why we only use top hardware, servers with AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core CPUs, 128 GB RAM and NVMe SSD disks, in our datacenters. With SupportHost your website will always be up and running. In addition, the LiteSpeed + LSCache solution allows you to have even higher performance for your website (on average 20-30% higher than Apache).

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not do any overselling. That is, we evaluate how many resources are allocated to each account and set a maximum number of accounts per server. This way we are sure that our servers will never be overloaded. An overloaded server would make the navigation of your website slow, and this is something we don’t want to happen.

To avoid problems we have also activated a system of continuous monitoring on each account and on each server. This way, if an account on the server is under attack, our monitoring system prevents this from affecting the server, and therefore the sites of other customers.

PrestaShop Hosting and Security

Thanks to a custom chroot isolation technology we are able to completely isolate each account on the server. This means that if an account is hacked the attacker will not have the ability to extend the attack to other accounts, which can happens in a normal shared environment.

This way we are able to better protect the security of your website, and you have nothing to worry about. You have the same security as a dedicated solution but without the cost and management of a dedicated server or cloud VPS. You can sleep soundly knowing that your site is on the best PrestaShop hosting.

With our service it’s easy to get started, you don’t even have to worry about PrestaShop installation as this is done automatically, and we send you administrator login details directly.

Free ecommerce migration

Dozens of migrations are completed by us every week. When you buy a PrestaShop hosting plan for a year or longer, we can handle the process of moving your ecommerce site for you.

Also, we guarantee that your website won't experience any downtime throughout the migration – you won't have to worry about any complications. So, make the switch with ease and have your site up and running in no time.

Always available Support

At SupportHost, we take customer service to the next level. We offer a guarantee on response times, and if we don't meet our promises, you get a refund. We respond to 90% of messages within 3 hours and make sure not to give generic answers.

Need proof? Test us out by asking a question! No matter which of our services you're using, be it shared hosting or PrestaShop hosting, you'll always have the full attention of our support team.

At SupportHost, personalizing our service is our top priority. We make sure to give each customer the attention they deserve so that their needs are met. With our speedy response times and tailored customer service, you can always rest assured that you're in good hands.

Our name says it all - customer support is our number one priority and we strive to provide the best service to all our customers. We understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient service, so we do our best to make sure that your needs are met in a timely fashion.

Protection from bruteforce attacks

One of the most common, and also very effective, attacks is the bruteforce attack. This kind of attack consists in finding the administrator’s username and password by trial and error, and once the attacker has accessed the system, he can do whatever he wants.

We have defined a set of rules in order to automatically mitigate this kind of attacks in real time. So as soon as we detect such an attack on your PrestaShop ecommerce we block the attacker’s IP and your site is safe.

Keep in mind that your database will contain all of your customer and order data, so you cannot afford to risk your site being attacked. Choose a secure hosting.

Advanced tools for all needs

With our PrestaShop hosting we offer a daily backup service. You have access to the last 30 days of backups that are kept on an external server. You can restore them directly from cPanel with a few clicks.

We want to offer an accessible service to everyone, this is why with our plans you will find Softaculous, which allows you to install almost any script with a single click. Our services are also designed to meet the needs of more experienced users with SSH access and staging included in all plans.

SupportHost is GDPR ready

We care about your privacy. Our service is GDPR compliant and we provide you with the necessary tools to make your project compliant.

Data in Europe

We process your personal data in Europe, all staff are resident in Europe


Your data is stored in our systems and only you have control over your data

We respect your rights

You can exercise your rights under the GDPR at any time

ISO 27001

The data centers we rely on are ISO 27001 certified

Security measures

We have a number of security measures in place to protect your personal data

Transparent data processing

We only use your information to provide you with a service, as outlined in our policy

SSL certificate

If you want to protect your data on the website the SSL certificate is essential

Always up to date

To keep all data secure we keep all systems always up to date

Malware detection

We keep all systems continuously under control

Daily backup

We perform daily backups to ensure data availability and eliminate the possibility of accidental loss

Antivirus, antispam, firewall

We reduce the risk of vulnerability for viruses and malware sent via email

We don't sell personal data

We do not give or sell your personal data to third parties

Frequently asked questions

What do you do to support the environment?

Every choice we make is designed for a cleaner future. The energy that powers our datacenters comes from 100% renewable sources plus we also use only efficient hardware to reduce consumption and make our hosting sustainable.

For instance, we only use NVMe SSD disks, which have a lower power consumption and provide better performance than conventional HDDs.

What is PrestaShop hosting?

PrestaShop hosting is a high-performance web hosting solution that comes with LiteSpeed + LSCache and PrestaShop pre-installed. During the ordering process, you simply provide us with the necessary data, and within minutes, you will get a confirmation email with the login details for your new ecommerce platform.

PrestaShop is one of the leading softwares for creating an online store. With it, you can easily manage your products, orders, and inventory - so you can get your business up and running in no time.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to customize and design your shop to fit your brand, while the wealth of features ensures that you can make the most out of your ecommerce venture. With PrestaShop hosting, you can be sure to have a reliable and secure platform to build and grow your store online.

Is a caching system available on your hosting solutions?

Yes, on all PrestaShop hosting plans we use LiteSpeed + LSCache (in addition to OPcache and memcached). You can use LiteSpeed caching plugin in your PrestaShop installation to get maximum performance for your ecommerce.

What kind of performance can I expect for my shop?

We have installed PrestaShop on a trial plan. On our server with LiteSpeed + LSCache the installed site loaded in 0.9-1 seconds.

We believe that times can be even better using the cache plugin provided by LiteSpeed and after a good optimization process.

Is the transfer of my ecommerce included?

If you purchase a hosting plan with annual payment or longer period the transfer is included in the price

You will have to provide us with the login details of the old hosting provider and we will arrange to schedule the transfer at a time when you have few visits.

To transfer an ecommerce site you need to put it under maintenance during the transfer to prevent orders from coming in during this phase, so your site will be offline for about an hour.

Warning: if we have to transfer manually, we include the transfer of only one script.

With PrestaShop hosting is the SSL certificate included in the price?

Yes, with any hosting plan, the certificate is included in the price. Please note that this is a free certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, which, although secure, is not recommended for an ecommerce site due to its lack of warranty.

For an ecommerce site, we recommend buying an SSL Certificate, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. When processing credit cards on the site you should give the necessary guarantees.

What will be the price at renewal? Is the domain included?

Unlike our competitors, with our solutions the price of hosting at renewal does not change.

That means that the domain will be included in the price even at renewal, and we will not increase the price of your hosting account at the time of renewal. With us the free domain is free forever, don’t expect any surprises.

Our prices have not changed since 2010, when we started our business.

Can I customize PHP version on my account?

We give our customers the opportunity to customize the web space to the maximum. You can edit the php.ini file and choose the PHP version you prefer.

Available PHP versions are: 4.4 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 / 7.3 / 7.4 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 8.2 / 8.3

Can I switch between plans?

Of course, if your store grows you can upgrade to a higher PrestaShop hosting paying only the difference.

Of course you can upgrade to a VPS cloud hosting plan or a dedicated server if your store continues to grow. We will credit you the unused amount of your PrestaShop hosting, and we will take care of the transfer without downtime.

Do I have any guarantee if I don't like SupportHost's services?

Are you worried about not liking SupportHost's services? Worry not! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

This allows you to sample our services completely risk-free. And if you're still unsure, you can try us out for two weeks with no strings attached.

So go ahead, give us a try and see for yourself!

How much space do I have for emails, website and database?

Disk space is shared between website, emails and database.

That is to say, if you purchase the PrestaShop 1 hosting plan you have 15GB of space at your disposal.

How you use the space is your decision. You could use most of it for your emails, or for the website’s files or database.

Once you are close to the threshold you will receive an automatic email, and at that point it is up to you to decide whether to free up space or upgrade to a higher plan.

How many visits can PrestaShop hosting support?

This is a difficult estimate to make. Each site is a world unto itself, this number depends on:
- Number and type of plugins you use.
- Theme you use.
- Whether you use a caching plugin or not.
Generally speaking, the lower the number of plugins (and the lighter they are) the higher the number of visits your website can sustain.

Also, if you use a caching plugin the number of visits your account can sustain will be even higher.

In the pricing table you can see an estimate of the visits that our accounts can support.

Is a backup service available?

Yes, on all our ecommerce hosting solutions we provide a daily backup service.

Each copy is maintained on an external server, and we keep the last 30 copies, so you have a wide choice in case you need to recover files or the database.

With this solution you can restore or download a backup copy directly from the hosting control panel.

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