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From blogs to eCommerce, LiteSpeed hosting is the foundation for a fast website. Get amazing results by delivering a better user experience and getting more conversions.

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Run even faster with LiteSpeed

Designed for performance

LiteSpeed is a faster and lighter web server that allows you to have reduced loading times of your web pages and support even more visits. In addition, our plans use only the latest technologies such as NVMe SSD disks to ensure you get superior performance.

Grows with you

If your website is growing, our services are right for you. You’ll be able to upgrade to a plan with more resources with one click, and during the upgrade your website will continue to be up and running. Easy and without any downtime.

No price hike at renewal

Our prices do not change after the first year and the domain is included in the price forever!

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Free transfer

Activation time

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Services and guarantees designed to support your business growth

Your online project should be fast, secure and always operational.
SupportHost gives you the tools and help you need to bring your idea to life.

30-days guarantee

Free domain forever


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Litespeed Speed

Born for speed

Performance Cache

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Website Traffic

Designed for traffic

Top Speed

Fast in everything

Support At Your Side

By your side

Always operational

Always Online Website
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Monitored Resources

Monitored resources

Ddos Attack

DDoS Protection

Advanced Security

Advanced security

Green Hosting

At SupportHost, we’re proud to offer a hosting service that is entirely powered by renewable energy.

However, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just energy usage. Each policy we implement is intentionally designed to minimize our environmental impact, thereby providing you with a truly green hosting solution.

Green Web Foundation Partner
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