How to pay an invoice

In this tutorial, we will learn how to pay an invoice using one of the payments methods available, apply credit to an invoice, and download a copy of the invoice.

Pay an invoice

Log in to the client area with your credentials and click on Invoices as shown below.

Client Area Invoices

You will see the list of invoices issued and the status of each one (paid, unpaid, canceled, or refunded). Click on the invoice you want to pay.

Invoices History

After opening the invoice, before proceeding, you will need to verify that the details of the invoice and the amounts are correct. After paying the invoice, it will no longer be possible to make changes.


If there are errors in the invoice data, you can update it by following the tutorial update billing information.

Also, check the details of the amounts. You should only pay VAT if you are a private individual and reside in the European Union.

Invoice Items

From the drop-down menu under the Payment Method item, choose the method you want to use. Let’s see how to pay the invoice with all payment methods available.

Payment Method

Paying an invoice by credit card

Select Credit Card from the “Payment Method” drop-down menu.

Credit Card

After the page has reloaded, you will see a green button that says Pay Now at the top, as you can see in this screenshot. Click on the button to proceed with the payment.

Invoice Pay Now

On the new page that opens, you can enter your credit card details for payment. On the right, you will see the summary of the invoice and its amount.

Pay Invoice Checkout

After entering your credit card details and verifying the amount again, click on Submit payment.

Immediately after receiving the payment, the invoice will be marked as Paid.

Pay an invoice with bank transfer

To pay an invoice with bank transfer, select Bank transfer as the payment method.

Bank Transfer

At the top, you will be shown the bank details to make the transfer and the invoice reference number to be specified as the reason for the transfer.

Bank Details

After the payment has been performed, it will take 1-2 working days for the invoice to be marked as paid. It is not required to send a copy of the transfer cause the system will automatically detect the payment, and the invoice will be marked as Paid.

Pay an invoice with PayPal

To pay an invoice with the PayPal circuit, select PayPal as the payment method after opening the invoice, as you can see here.

Payment Method Paypal

Then click on one of the payment methods: PayPal, Sofort, MyBank, or Debit or credit card.

Paypal Sofort Mybank

Based on the method selected, you will need to verify your details in the new window that will appear and proceed or enter your card details and then validate the payment by clicking on Buy Now.

Credit Card Payment

Please note that after creating an order, for products subject to renewal, PayPal may set up an automatic payment for subsequent orders. You can follow our tutorial on PayPal pre-approved payments to understand how to manage them.

Pay an invoice with the remaining credit

Besides the traditional payment methods, you can use the credit associated with your account to pay bills. The client area credit cannot be purchased directly but will be credited to you in cases of a duplicate payment or if you request a downgrade from a plan to another.

In this case, if the credit was added to the account before the invoice was issued, it will automatically be applied to the new invoices. If the credit is sufficient to cover the invoice amount, the invoice will be paid automatically, and the service will be renewed.

For this reason, if you want to cancel the service, you must request cancellation 30 days before the deadline. Remember that the credit is non-refundable, does not expire, and can be used both to purchase new services or to renew existing ones.

If you have available credit, you will see a green box like the one shown below. To apply for the credit on the invoice, just click on the Apply Credit button.

Apply Credit

After applying for the credit, you will see it getting inserted into the amount.

Credit Invoice

At this point, you just have to choose the payment method and continue. You can follow the steps mentioned before.

Download or print an invoice

After receiving the payment, the system will automatically send you a copy of the invoice in PDF by email.

In any case, you can also print or download the invoices in PDF directly from the client area. Access the Invoices section and then click on the invoice you are interested in from the list.

Invoices History

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Print or Download buttons.

Print Download Invoice

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