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Ivan Team Supporthost


At 16, he enjoyed creating the website for the family business, over the years he began study to start an online business and never stopped learning.

Even though he is not a technician, his cross-functional knowledge of server management and programming allows him to serve as a liaison between technicians and novices.

In 2010, he founded SupportHost to make a difference in the hosting market. Today, SupportHost gives him the great satisfaction of working in harmony with employees for a common goal: provide great hosting service and have satisfied customers.

Always looking for new places to visit and cultures to learn about, in his spare time he loves to climb and go on adventures and trips by motorcycle or 4×4.

Support is the beating heart of our hosting service. That is how we differentiate: by providing exceptional support to our clients.

Our team is always available

SupportHost’s distributed team consists of experts in the hosting industry. Always available, active and reliable we are ready to bend over backwards to help you.

Fabio Team Supporthost


His approach with his first computer when he was 12 years old. This is the spark that ignites his passion for technology. Passion that turns into the challenge of finding ingenious solutions to overcome the limits of technology first and to solve systemic problems later.

As an avid geek, he works his way up in the world of information technology to become a specialist. Of the systems engineering profession, he loves the dynamic and ever-changing environment that allows him to keep constantly updating himself. His great satisfaction is solving problems and improving the efficiency of business procedures.

Satisfaction that fulfils working with SupportHost, which gives him the opportunity to see the concrete results of his work: providing effective solutions to clients, working with a team to achieve common goals, and confronting new technologies and working methodologies every day.

His passion for guns has been with him since childhood, and he still finds time to practice shooting. In the rest of his spare time, he enjoys hiking in pristine areas and studying chess.

Andy Team Supporthost


His first contact with information technology dates back to when one had to give the “win” command on DOS to start Windows. Driven by the satisfaction of helping businesses progress and scale, he became a Linux systems engineer specializing in web hosting and cybersecurity.

With SupportHost, he is happy to be able to provide support tailored to customers’ problems, delivered quickly but not hastily precisely because it is based on human rapport and not on cold, automated responses.

If there are no planned activities, and he is not busy solving problems, he divides his free time by travelling, listening to music and engaging in photography.

Jose Team Supporthost


His journey into IT began at a young age when he first played video games and developed a curiosity about how they worked. This innate curiosity blossomed into a true passion when, at the age of 16, he built his first network infrastructure.

Working with SupportHost, Jose finds great satisfaction in collaborating with the team to achieve the common goal of providing the best support to customers. He is always eager to tackle new challenges that enable him to grow and learn every day.

A dreamer and avid fan of the Fantasy genre, Jose enjoys spending his free time exploring new technologies, playing video games, and watching TV series. He also cherishes the moments he spends with friends.

Giuseppe Team Supporthost


He approached computers with curiosity from an early age, and quickly became the go-to guy for all his friends who needed computer repair. This is how he realizes that his future is to become a systems engineer and continue to upgrade himself to offer the best possible support to customers.

Working with SupportHost allows him to have new challenged and keep getting better.

His fixation is music of all genres, especially house music, to which he devotes his spare time not only listening to it but also playing and producing it.

Antonio Team Supporthost


From the time he started playing with a VCR at age 4, he grew up with an innate and visceral passion for everything related to technology. Passion that turns into work and drives him to become a systems engineer.

Working with SupportHost is happy to be able to advise clients in the best way possible by responding to their needs.

Passionate about soccer, rock music and good food, he likes to spend his free time watching horror and science fiction movies or playing sports.

Maria Grazia Team Supporthost

Maria Grazia

She began her adventure with blogging in 2009, writing for a music blog. Her love for writing is timeless.

Working with SupportHost she is happy to be able to create truly useful content for people, be part of an engaging team, and never stop learning.

When she’s not writing, which she also does in her spare time, you can find her playing video games or, to take a break from the tanning blue light of the screen, pursuing her other passions such as hiking or canoeing.

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