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About us

SupportHost is a web hosting company founded by Ivan Messina. We operate since 2010, we provide our services globally

Our priority is to help you have a fast website and keep it always online, while providing unparalleled support.
Our history
About Us Supporthost's Distributed Team
At 16, he enjoyed creating the website for the family business, over the years he began self-studying to start an online business and never stopped training.

While he is not a technician, his cross-functional knowledge of server management and programming allows him to be a liaison between technicians and beginners.

In 2010, he founded SupportHost to make a difference in the hosting market. Today, SupportHost gives him the great satisfaction of working in harmony with co-workers for a common goal: to provide great service and have satisfied customers.

Always looking for new places to visit and cultures to learn about, in his spare time he loves to climb and go on adventures and trips with his motorcycle or 4x4.
Our Mission
Support is the beating heart of our hosting service. That is why we differentiate ourselves by providing support tailored to the people who choose our services.

A team always available

SupportHost's distributed team consists of experts in the hosting industry. Always available, active and reliable they are ready to do anything to help you.


L3 SysAdmin
His initial interaction with a computer at the age of twelve ignited a lifelong passion for technology. This passion later evolved into a challenge to discover innovative solutions to not just surpass technological limitations, but also to address broader systemic issues.

With a keen interest in information technology, he eventually became a specialist in this field. As a systems engineer, he appreciates the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the industry which enables him to continually update his skills. His greatest professional satisfaction lies in resolving issues and enhancing the efficiency of business procedures.

In his role at SupportHost, he gets the opportunity to witness the tangible outcomes of his work. Providing effective solutions to clients, collaborating with his team to meet collective objectives, and constantly engaging with new technologies and methods of working are some of the aspects of his job that he enjoys.

Beyond his professional interests, he has a longstanding fascination with firearms, and takes out time to engage in shooting practice. In his spare time, he also enjoys trekking in untouched natural areas and studying chess.


L2 SysAdmin
Andy's journey into the realm of information technology commenced during the era of DOS, where initiating Windows required the 'win' command. His professional trajectory led him to become a Linux systems engineer with a focus on web hosting and cybersecurity, motivated by the gratification he derived from assisting businesses in their growth and expansion journey.

With SupportHost, he has found an avenue to offer customer support that is not only prompt but also personalized and based on human interaction, a stark contrast to impersonal, automated responses. His dedication to problem-solving ensures that each customer's issue is addressed with the utmost care and precision.

When he is not engaged in professional commitments or planned activities, Andy enjoys spending his leisure time traveling, appreciating music, and pursuing photography. His varied interests add a unique dimension to his personality and contribute to his holistic approach towards his work.


L1 SysAdmin
Giuseppe has exhibited a fascination with computers since his early years, which has developed into a proficiency in computer repair. This expertise led him to recognize his future career path as a systems engineer. Giuseppe is committed to continuous learning to provide top-notch support to his clients.

His role at SupportHost provides him with opportunities for self-assessment, comparison, and constant professional development.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Giuseppe has a keen interest in music. He is particularly fond of house music and spends his leisure time not just enjoying it, but also producing and playing it.


L1 SysAdmin / Presale
Antonio's fascination with technology began at the tender age of four when he started playing with a VCR, setting the foundation for his future career. This early interest fueled his passion for technology, culminating in a career as a systems engineer.

Currently working with SupportHost, Antonio takes great satisfaction in providing top-notch service to clients, assisting them in meeting their unique needs. He is dedicated to providing insightful advice and solutions, leveraging his deep knowledge and skills in technology.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Antonio has a diverse range of personal interests. He is an avid soccer enthusiast, enjoys listening to rock music, and has a penchant for good food. In his leisure time, he often indulges in watching science fiction and horror movies or engaging in sports.
Maria Grazia

Maria Grazia

Content manager
Maria Grazia embarked on her journey in the realm of blogging and online writing in 2009, through a collaboration with a music blog. However, her passion for writing transcends time.

She is currently associated with SupportHost, where she enjoys producing genuinely valuable content for readers. Being a part of a dynamic team, she embraces the opportunity to continue her learning journey.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Maria Grazia is an avid writer even in her leisure time. When not engaged in writing, she immerses herself in the world of video gaming. To balance her screen time, Maria Grazia dedicates time to her other hobbies such as hiking and canoeing.

Our values


Since 2010 in the hosting market to offer you professional and support-based service.


We aim for maximum transparency with our services. You will never find hidden costs and you will never have any nasty surprises.


We are constantly upgrading the hardware used to ensure that the websites hosted in our datacenters perform at their best.


The only way to provide excellent service is to believe in our work and love what we do every day.


We use renewable energy and invest in systems to improve energy efficiency so as to safeguard the environment.


We are always available to give you real help, provided by real people and meeting your specific needs.