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WordPress 1
15 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
10.000 visits
1 domain
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
10MB/s IO
20 Processes
WordPress 2
40 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
30.000 visits
1 domain
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
2.5 CPU
20MB/s IO
25 Processes
WordPress 4
60 GB disk space SSD
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
45.000 visits
Unlimited addon domains
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
40MB/s IO
35 Processes
Our WordPress hosting plans are nothing more than shared or semidedicated plans on which we pre-install WordPress. If you prefer you can buy a shared or semi-dedicated plan and during the order process decide to install the software you prefer.
Free transfer
Free domain
Free SSL certificate
30 days guarantee
30 days free backup
Free secondary MX
99.9% Uptime
Instant activation
Unlimited inodes
IMAP emails
Mail server
Email filters
Online file manager
Unlimited database users
PHP versions
AWStat (real time)
Configurable .htaccess
Configurable php.ini
Cron Job
Image Magick
GD Library
Error pages
Hotlink Protection
Password protected folders
IP Deny Manager
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We are in the market since 2010. We know how to meet the needs of professionals but also the less experienced ones. Our products are designed to grow with your site, which will never become too big for our services.

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I moved my journalistic site to SupportHost 3 years ago after a bad experience with a well-known Italian provider that I prefer not to name. Since then I've never had a problem, apart from a 15 minutes down that was paid back with 2 months of hosting. Great service



I had two blogs with what is considered the best provider for WordPress in Italy. Since I switched to SupportHost my sites go much faster and I've had significant savings. In addition, the support has always been prompt and responsive.



We have multiple sites with SupportHost, for several years now. Support has always been fast and responsive, even outside of normal business hours. We recommend SupportHost



Thanks so far everything is great! Customer service is what is giving me the most satisfaction, keep it up!



Support service through ticket excellent and fast, like a chat



Always very quick to respond and most importantly very helpful and effective. There is a big difference between answering right away and fixing the problem right away. Thanks

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WordPress hosting features

Malware and virus prevention

Malware and virus prevention

The security of our customer’s websites is of prime importance to us. For this reason, we do all we can to protect your site and emails from malware and viruses.

On all servers, we have installed a tool to recognize files containing malware in real-time to avoid their execution and prevent the problems they could cause.

We also scan all files on the server and all attachments to emails with ClamAV to avoid any problem caused by viruses. We offer cheap hosting services, but our focus remains on the security of our customer’s sites.

Superfast WordPress hosting

Superfast WordPress hosting

Our WordPress hosting is always fast and performing. To guarantee the best for our clients, we only use high-end servers with AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core CPU, 128 GB of RAM, and NVMe SSD disks.

We use LiteSpeed ​​+ LSCache on all WordPress hosting plans to give you the best. Based on our tests, this solution improves performance by 20-30%. Our plans are optimized for WordPress and Woocommerce.

We constantly monitor our WordPress hosting. We do it to avoid overloading our servers in case a specific account is under attack or receives a spike in traffic. We want to make sure your website page load times are kept to the minimum at all times.

We also set a maximum account limit per server, thus avoiding a common practice called overselling. By doing so, we make sure that our servers are never burdened with the workload, and we guarantee that your site will always be lightning fast.

WordPress hosting and security

WordPress hosting and security

In a standard shared environment, if one account is hacked, the attacker can spread the virus to other accounts via the cron or the webserver.

We have implemented a custom isolation technology so that each account is fully separate from the others. This way, if an account on the server where your WordPress hosting resides is compromised, the attacker cannot spread his infection to the other accounts on the server. Therefore, you have the same security as a dedicated server.

Furthermore, with our hosting, we give a free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt and an automatic backup/daily backup service on an external server (we create a backup copy of your hosting account every day and keep the last 30 days of backups) to give the maximum peace of mind to you and your website users. You can sleep peacefully by knowing that you are with one of the best WordPress hosting companies on the market.

Free site transfer

Free site transfer

With all our WordPress hosting plans, we take care of your website’s transfer if you already have a website. We transfer dozens of websites to SupportHost every week, and we can guarantee that the transfer can be carried out without any downtime or loss of data or emails. Changing provider for your website has never been so easy.

Support always online

Support always online

We provide one of the best support services, and we are among the few that guarantee response times. In addition to the guaranteed times, we usually respond to tickets within the first hour, two at most, with resolute answers. Also, if you think you need a telephone call, we will call you at the time you prefer. If, on the other hand, there is a particular operation that you cannot perform with one of our control panels, you can ask us for a tutorial: our popular Tutorial on Demand service.

With SupportHost, you have a high-quality, affordable WordPress hosting service.

Proprietary anti-brute force protection

Proprietary anti-brute force protection

Among the most common attacks on WordPress are undoubtedly brute-force and xmlrpc attacks. These attacks can be very harmful and effective. So, it’s crucial to stop them before they can do any damage.

We have set up a set of proprietary mod_security rules to protect WordPress from these types of attacks and much more. That means that, if someone tries to attack your WordPress site, their IP is blocked to mitigate the attack before it can create any problems. WordPress hosting has never been so secure.

SupportHost is GDPR ready

We care about your privacy. Our service is GDPR compliant and we provide you with the necessary tools to make your project compliant.

Data in Europe
We process your personal data in Europe, all staff are resident in Europe
Your data is stored in our systems and only you have control over your data
We respect your rights
You can exercise your rights under the GDPR at any time
ISO 27001
The data centers we rely on are ISO 27001 certified
Security measures
We have a number of security measures in place to protect your personal data
Transparent data processing
We only use your information to provide you with a service, as outlined in our policy.
SSL certificate
If you want to protect your data on the website the SSL certificate is essential.
Always up to date
To keep all data secure we keep all systems always up to date.
Malware detection
We keep all systems continuously under control.
Daily backup
We perform daily backups to ensure data availability and eliminate the possibility of accidental loss.
Antivirus, antispam, firewall
We reduce the risk of vulnerability for viruses and malware sent via email.
We don't sell personal data
We do not give or sell your personal data to third parties.
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Frequently asked questions
What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a semi-dedicated hosting designed for all our customers who want to use WordPress as a CMS. WordPress is an open-source CMS, the most used at the moment for creating websites. Thanks to the multitude of themes and plugins available, you can effortlessly create your website from an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.

The difference between semi-dedicated hosting and WordPress hosting is the ability to find WordPress already installed right after purchase. Your WordPress hosting will be available in a few minutes thanks to our automatic installation process.

With WordPress hosting, you can create a professional email address for each of your collaborators in order to have addresses such as [email protected]

Also, thanks to one of our partners, you can opt to have managed WordPress hosting or have someone to take care of your site, for example, to modify it, keep it updated, safe and fix the problems as they occur.

The cost of the server is split across all hosted accounts. We, at SupportHost, do not oversell, it means that each of our servers hosts a definite maximum amount of websites to keep the performances of your website always at best.

Choosing this hosting plan, therefore, involves not having an entire server available, in which case you will have to rely on another type of service, such as VPS cloud hosting or a dedicated server.

WordPress hosting today is undoubtedly one of the most chosen products by online users. The reason is that the WordPress platform is simple, easy to use, and perfectly optimized for SEO. These characteristics make it a suitable choice for all those who want to create a professional online site with no effort and high possibility of customization.

Is there a cache system with WordPress hosting?

Yes, with WordPress hosting is available LiteSpeed ​​+ LSCache (in addition to OPcache and Memcached), which allows us to give maximum performance to your site created with WordPress. From our tests, Litespeed + LSCache perform 20-30% better than a standard Apache hosting.

Can I get help with my website transfer?

Yes, we can transfer your website to our WordPress hosting. The transfer of your website is included within the price of the annual hosting plan. Once you have purchased a plan, an automatic ticket will open to request your access data to the old hosting provider.

If your old hosting provider uses cPanel with the backup function enabled, we will transfer your account in full, that includes all email addresses.

Otherwise, a manual transfer is required, which includes only one installation and does not include email transfer.

Is the domain included in the price also with the renewal of the WordPress hosting plan?

Yes. The domain is included in the price, also at renewal, with our WordPress hosting. This is for sure one of our strengths that enables us to stand out from other hosting providers, which include the domain in the price only for the first year.

During the order, when choosing the domain, you will see which extensions are included with the hosting. With SupportHost you will never experience unpleasant surprises. With us, prices will always be clear to you, and the renewal price remains unchanged.

Is the SSL certificate included in the hosting plan?

Yes, we offer a free SSL certificate with all WordPress hosting plans purchased on SupportHost. The certificate included is generated by Let’s Encrypt. The certificate is automatically activated within 24 hours of purchasing your WordPress hosting, so you don’t need to do anything to activate it.

The SSL certificate is vital for every website and is considered as a ranking factor by search engines. It is also essential to ensure safe browsing for your users.

How much will the WordPress hosting plan cost upon renewal?

The renewal price does not change, the price remains the same as the purchase price. With us you’ll never have any surprise because, unlike other providers you may encounter, our prices remain unchanged over time.

We have been providing the same prices since 2010 despite improving the service we offer. So, you don’t have to worry about it. On the day of your plan renewal, you will pay the same price as the first time.

What performance can I expect from your hosting solutions?

For our customers, we want to offer only the best products and performances, which is why we have chosen to use high-performance hardware. Our servers have 128Gb of RAM and use only NVMe SSD disks. This always guarantees you high performance.

Websites that are hosted with our hosting solutions, if perfectly optimized, can achieve a loading time of 0.5s. Keep in mind that the speed of a website doesn’t just depend on the server. How the site is made has a huge impact on performance.

Also on WordPress hosting, we provide LiteSpeed ​​+ LSCache which guarantees performances 20-30% better than normal shared hosting.

What PHP versions are available?

With our WordPress hosting, you can customize the PHP version. We provide you with different PHP versions that you can choose independently.

In addition, we give you the possibility to modify php.ini according to your needs.

The following versions are currently available: 4.4 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5 / 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 / 7.3 / 7.4 / 8.0 / 8.1

Can I change plan in the future?

Yes. With SupportHost you can switch to the plan of your choice at any time. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

If you choose to upgrade to one of our bigger WordPress hosting solutions, and therefore have a higher cost than your current plan, you will only have to pay the difference between the two plans.

Do you offer any guarantees if I am not satisfied with WordPress hosting?

Yes. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for all our new customers. This means that if for any reason our product has not convinced you or our service is not what you need, you can request a refund.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself in doubt about the kind of service or if you want to understand if you can learn how to use a product that we offer, you have the possibility to try our web hosting for free and without any restrictions for 14 days. If you feel that the product is not what you are looking for, all you have to do is let it expire, and you will not owe us anything.

Can I use a shared plan for WordPress?

Our WordPress hosting is a shared or semi-dedicated hosting plan with WordPress pre-installed.

If you want, you can buy any of our hosting plans and during the order decide to install WordPress (or another CMS of your choice) using a simple dropdown.

How much space do I have available for emails?

Emails are stored on the disk space of your hosting account. That is to say that if you buy the WordPress 1 plan you can use up to 10 GB of space. This space is shared between emails, website files, and databases.

You can create unlimited email accounts on your WordPress hosting account. When you create your email accounts you can set a maximum space threshold. This threshold can also be set without limits. If you exceed the total space limit of your account you will need to delete some files (or emails) to free up space or upgrade to a bigger plan.

How many visitors can WordPress hosting handle?

This type of question is very frequent and, unfortunately, it is not possible to give a precise answer because it all depends on numerous factors that work in unison.

The number of visits that a WordPress hosting plan can manage depends mainly on several factors:

  • The traffic that is generated monthly.
  • Resources that are dedicated to your account.
  • The resources your site uses for each visit.

Let’s take the example of a static site.

If we use a site with WordPress or any other type of CMS, the HTML code of the page is generated every time a user browsing the Internet lands on our website. This involves running a series of calculations and queries on the database, which means there is a consumption of available resources.

If we have a static site created in HTML the server does not need to perform these calculations since it is already an HTML file, so the only factor that we can take into consideration is the traffic generated each month. If all your pages weight 1MB each and your account has 20GB of monthly traffic then your users will be able to view up to 20,000 pages per month before reaching the monthly limit. However, if you change the weight of the pages, optimizing them, the number of users your account can support will grow.

Let’s take the example of a dynamic site

If you use a CMS like WordPress, everything changes. The server will need to generate the HTML code every time a page gets visited. If you are using plugins the server will need to make even more calculations.

In this case, in addition to using monthly traffic, each page will also consume server resources such as RAM, IO, CPU, and processes. All WordPress hosting plans provide several resources necessary for a medium-sized site, you can compare the price table to know the limits of each plan.

It is therefore not possible to calculate in advance how many resources will be needed for a particular website, since it all depends on the number of plugins, what they do, the weight of the pages, etc. If you want to increase the number of visitors you will need to reduce the number of plugins used on your online site or activate LSCache for your website to reduce the server workload and provide HTML files directly instead of performing the same calculations at every visit.

To conclude, as you can see, it is not possible to establish in advance how many resources will be needed for each website and therefore how many visits your website can sustain. We advise you to buy a plan that you think is suitable for your website, if you do not know how to choose you can contact us, and we will give you our opinion. In any case you will be able to upgrade or downgrade at any moment.

Couldn't find an answer to your questions? Contact us!