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December 29, 2021 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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If you decide to change hosting and move to SupportHost, we will take care of the website and email transfer. Let's see how this service works in detail.

This service is free of charge only when ordering a plan that is billed annually or for a longer period.

In all cases it is necessary that the customer sends us the data via ticket. Otherwise it is not possible to proceed with the transfer.

Domain transfer

To transfer a domain, you need a code called auth-code or EPP code. This code is like a domain password, so that only the rightful owner is able to transfer the domain.

You have to request this code to your provider, since the domain is yours the provider can't refuse to give it to you.

In addition, generic domain extensions have a transfer lock, an additional security to prevent an unauthorized user from transferring your domain without your consent. This block must be removed to be able to transfer the domain.

How to order

Once you have unlocked the domain and have the auth code you can proceed with the order.

If you have a multi-domain account like our WordPress hosting or semi-dedicated hosting you can decide to transfer the domain and add a domain to your account. The same goes for reseller hosting.

In this case if you want us to move your site you will have to pay extra, since the transfer is included only if you buy a hosting plan for a minimum period of one year.

To participate in the promotion you have to order a hosting plan of your choice, if you don't know which hosting to choose check our article or contact us.

As soon as you have decided which hosting plan is right for you, you can order it and choose the option to transfer the domain:

Order Transfer

As you can see, for some plans and some extensions you can have a free domain.

At this point, you just have to follow the steps on the website until the payment.

If you prefer you can decide not to trasfer the domain, choosing the third option to keep the domain externally.

NOTE: the only way to get the domain for free is to order it together with the hosting plan. If you choose to keep the domain elsewhere, you will not be able to get the domain for free in the future. If you order the transfer of the domain, the system will open a ticket asking you for your old provider's access data. In some cases, you will have to open the ticket yourself.

The provider uses cPanel

Depending on the case, we can transfer your complete account, so even emails and any addon domain, or just one script. Let's see how this works in detail.

If the provider you currently use uses cPanel we can potentially transfer the full account, as if we were doing copy-paste.

In practice, we can copy the entire account on our server, using a tool that cPanel provides us. This is a complete copy, so everything remains unchanged, the only thing that changes are the IP and nameservers because of the server change. We will change the account password for security reasons.

This is possible only if the provider you are using has left the cPanel backup function active. If this function is not active, we have to proceed with the manual transfer as explained below.

Check if the backup function is active

To check if this feature is active you need to login to cPanel.

Scroll down to the "Files" section and check if the Backup tool is present:

Transfer Backup Cpanel

Just to be sure, let's check that by clicking on backup the feature is active:

Website Transfer Backup Function Active

The function we are going to use is to create a full backup.

If this is the case with your provider we can migrate the full account. As explained before we are going to create a complete copy of your old account. In this case we will not make any changes to your account.

For this type of transfer, we only need the cPanel access data.

In the case of reseller hosting, we transfer a number of accounts that varies depending on the purchased plan.

Manual transfer

If the previous provider doesn't use cPanel, or uses cPanel, but the native backup function is not active, we have to proceed with the manual transfer.

In this case we transfer only one site, i.e. one installation.

If your site consists of two WordPress installations, for example one in a subdomain (blog.domain.com) or in a subfolder we will transfer only the main installation.

We can migrate emails or additional installations for a fee, we have an addon that can be added during the order process.

In this case, we need access to the old provider: SSH or FTP in order to download a backup copy. If these data are not available, we can try using the CMS administrator access, but we cannot guarantee a successful transfer since it depends on the server settings of the previous provider.

In this case, we transfer only the website with the main domain with this promotion.

If manual transfer is necessary and you have ordered reseller hosting we will transfer only one installation.

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