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Author: Ivan

Founder of SupportHost. With over 10 years of experience in web hosting, he works every day to improve the service and pays attention to each and every customer.


Web Hosting, WordPress websites, PHP, MySQL, Online marketing, Technical support


In 2010 he founded SupportHost, putting customers’ needs at the center. After more than 10 years of experience in web hosting, his great satisfaction is always one: having satisfied customers.


In 2010, the search for reliable hosting services in Italy was a challenging endeavor due to unfulfilled expectations. The United States market offered unsatisfactory performance, while the quality of support in the Italian market was lacking. Recognizing these deficiencies, Ivan established SupportHost. His objective was to set the groundwork for superior service from two perspectives: servers geographically located in Europe and customer-focused support. The support would be reliable, providing tangible assistance to the customers.

A message from Ivan

What gives me great satisfaction working with SupportHost is the ability to help customers choose a tailored service that meets their expectations.
Ivan Messina


SupportHost is a globally recognized web hosting company that predominantly operates in Italy but extends its services worldwide. Our exceptional customer ratings reflect our commitment to quality and service, as demonstrated by numerous positive reviews on industry-specific websites.

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