15 essential PrestaShop modules for your e-commerce

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Are you building your online store and looking for the best PrestaShop modules to add features or take advantage of integrations?

We have created a list of the best modules, divided into categories, to help you find useful add-ons for your e-commerce.

To begin, let’s see what modules are and where we can find them.

Best Prestashop Modules

PrestaShop modules: what they are and what they are for

PrestaShop modules, also called addons, are add-ons created by third-party developers or the internal PrestaShop team.

In practice, a module is a set of files that includes PHP files, JavaScript, assets, and templates.

The latter can be used to show the module interface in the administrative area or form elements that will appear to site visitors.

Why are they useful?

Using modules, we can extend the CMS’s integrated functions—for example, adding new payment methods.

Prestashop Modules Advantages

In other cases, the modules allow us to add new functions to our online store. For example, we can integrate our shop with a marketplace like Amazon and synchronize the catalogs.

Modules also make it easier to create our shop—just think of the page builders that help us create product pages and customized layouts.

These are just a few examples, as there are modules for any function, which brings us to the next question.

Are modules always indispensable?

PrestaShop add-ons allow us to extend the functions and simplify the management of our e-commerce site. In some cases, these add-ons are really useful. In other cases, they can be superfluous.

When you create your shop with PrestaShop, you should carefully evaluate the functions you need and understand when you should use modules.

Prestashop Modules For Backup

For example, there are modules to create automatic site backups.

If you have chosen a quality hosting service, you do not need these modules because your provider offers you this service.

If that is not the case with your provider, try switching to SupportHost! With our PrestaShop hosting, automatic backups are included and free and you can also perform them independently from cPanel.

Where to find PrestaShop modules

Before going over a list of modules that can be useful for creating or improving our shop, let’s see the different sites where you can find them.

The first thing to do is to search for the modules directly from the back office or consult the official directory called PrestaShop official add-ons marketplace.

Prestashop Modules And Addon Marketplace

There, we can find a large catalog of free and premium modules for our PrestaShop site. The list of modules that I will cover in the next chapter contains add-ons taken from that directory.

If the 3,000+ modules found there aren’t enough, you can also check out other marketplaces.

Here are a few examples:

  • Codecanyon, which is part of Envato Market, includes around 300 modules. If you are looking for PrestaShop themes, you can take a look at the dedicated category on Themeforest.
  • PrestaHero currently offers 96 premium modules and 40 free PrestaShop modules. Among the free ones, there is an add-on to insert the captcha code in contact forms.
Codecanyon Prestashop Modules And Addons

PrestaShop modules and add-ons available on Codecanyon.

Having said that, let’s move on to our personal list of add-ons. We have divided them into categories to make reading this article more enjoyable.

We will look at some of the most used modules:

  • for payments;
  • to integrate social networks;
  • to link the store with marketplaces;
  • for marketing;
  • for cookies and GDPR;
  • for other functions: translations, page builders, store metrics, recurring payments and subscriptions.

For each module we have reported the compatibility with the PrestaShop version and the cost, taking the data directly from the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace (as of October 2022).

PrestaShop payment modules

Among the modules that you may need on your PrestaShop shop, there are undoubtedly those that allow customers to pay with the most popular payment methods.

Let’s discover some examples.

Prestashop Payments Module

Official PayPal Module

Directly in the official PrestaShop add-ons directory, we find the free module that allows us to enable payments with PayPal on our PrestaShop store.

To use it, we just need to install the module and connect our PayPal account.

If you don’t know how to install and manage modules, you can consult our PrestaShop tutorial.

Prestashop Modules Paypal

Module name: Official PayPal module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): PayPal Official Module.

Official Stripe Module

With this module, we can enable payments with Stripe on our online store.

To use the add-on, we just need to install it on our PrestaShop store and connect our Stripe account. It is also possible to test the module before activating it on our shop.

Prestashop Modules Stripe Official

Module name: Stripe Official module (with SCA)

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from 1.6.1 to

Cost: free

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Official Stripe Module.

PrestaShop add-on to integrate social networks

There are several ways to add social icons to our site.

If you want a solution that doesn’t degrade site performance, check out our guide on how to add social icons. It explains how to allow content sharing without needing any module or plugin.

In any case, if you have a PrestaShop site, you may need an integration that allows you to sell online directly on social networks. In that case, the solution is provided to you by different modules.

PrestaShop Facebook Module

This free module, included in the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace, allows you to integrate your PrestaShop store with Facebook and Instagram. This way, you can import your product catalog to social media and find new customers.

Prestashop Modules Facebook

Module name: PrestaShop Facebook module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): PrestaShop Facebook Module.

TikTok For Business Module

You can use this free module to connect your TikTok For Business account to your site with PrestaShop, synchronizing the catalog and showing the products directly on the social network.

Prestashop Modules Tiktok For Business

Module Name: TikTok For Business Module – Social Commerce Module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): TikTok For Business module.

Integration with marketplaces

When you create an e-commerce site, you often don’t want to focus only on selling directly through the online store. You can, in fact, take advantage of the different channels available.

We have just seen that some PrestaShop modules allow us to create an integration between our shop and the main social networks.

Another thing we can do is synchronize the store with the most used marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Let’s see some modules that help us to do this.

Amazon Market Place Module

With this PrestaShop add-on, we can integrate our store with Amazon. In this way, we can synchronize orders and products in stock.

The module is designed for Amazon sellers with professional accounts and is not currently compatible with those who sell in the Amazon Handmade section.

Prestashop Modules Amazon Marketplace

Module name: Amazon Market Place module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to V1.7.8.7

Cost: €279.99

Link (sul marketplace PrestaShop add-ons): Modulo Amazon Market Place.

Fastbay Module

This module (developed by Prestalia) allows us to synchronize the products sold on PrestaShop with those sold via eBay, managing orders and linking categories so that those of the eBay store correspond to those of our PrestaShop store.

Prestashop Modules Fastbay

Module name: Fastbay module – synchronization with eBay Marketplace

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from 1.7.0 to

Cost: €419.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Fastbay Module.

Official AliExpress Module

We can use this module to bring our products to AliExpress, synchronizing the PrestaShop catalog in the marketplace.

The module allows us to synchronize all product information and prices and manage orders.

Prestashop Modules Aliexpress

Module name: Official AliExpress module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: €279.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Official AliExpress module.

Marketing modules (email campaigns and abandoned cart recovery)

We can promote our e-commerce and improve conversions by launching email campaigns, creating loyalty programs, and trying to win back customers by sending them reminders when they abandon their carts.

Preshop Marketing Modules

There are several modules that help us streamline these marketing activities on PrestaShop. Let’s see some examples.


Mailchimp is one of the most well-known marketing platforms for creating email campaigns. It is also perfect for sending reminders to clients who abandon their carts or sending targeted emails to customers after they’ve made a purchase, following up on them, and recommending new products.

We can use this free module to manage email campaigns, segment the contact list, and manage all communication relating to orders.

Prestashop Modules Mailchimp

Module name: Mailchimp module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Mailchimp Module.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

There are several modules for PrestaShop meant as remarketing tools. Many of them help us recover abandoned carts and work by sending automatic reminders via email.

Abandoned Cart Reminder by ETS-Soft is one of those extensions. The module, in addition to sending emails, allows us to activate notifications on the browser that always act as a reminder for our e-commerce customers.

Prestashop Modules Abandoned Cart Reminder

Module name: Abandoned Cart Reminder module: automatic emails and remarketing

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: €125.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Abandoned Cart Reminder.

Modules to adapt e-commerce to the GDPR and use cookies

In the last year, we have heard more and more about the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR.

We have published two interviews on the topic on our blog:

As you know, complying with the regulation does not only mean “bringing the site up to standard.” Tools such as plugins and modules help us manage the use of cookies, especially when it comes to their implementation and cataloging.

Here are some examples of PrestaShop modules to manage cookies.

This module is one of the PrestaShop add-ons available, and we can use it to manage cookies on our site, classifying them according to their purpose by dividing them into technical, advertising, analytical, and so on.

This extension also allows us to block cookies until the user visiting the site decides which ones and whether to accept them. You can use this module even if you have activated the multi-store mode on your PrestaShop site.

Prestashop Modules Eu Cookie

Module name: GDPR Cookie Law Module (Notice + Blocker)

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: €69.99

Link (sul marketplace PrestaShop add-ons): Legge Cookies RGPD.

This module (developed by PrestaShop) allows us to easily create a custom cookie banner, personalizing the text, style, and position in which it will appear.

Furthermore, we can use this extension to create our shop’s cookie policy page.

Prestashop Modules Cookies And Gdpr

Module name: Cookie Banner Module GDPR Compliance + CMS

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: €69.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Cookie banner GDPR compliance + CMS.

Other PrestaShop modules that may interest you

When we create an e-commerce page with PrestaShop, we can benefit from many integrated features.

As we learned in the What is PrestaShop? article, the CMS already comes with integrated multilingual support and a multi-shop function to manage different shops from a single back office.

In any case, thanks to the add-ons about which we are learning, we can extend the basic functions of our online store or add new ones.

Let’s see other useful modules.

Glotio Module

This module helps us translate our store created with PrestaShop. It supports more than 50 languages ​​and has an integrated automatic translator.

The module is free to install and offers a free first translation, after which we can decide whether to carry out the subsequent translations manually or consult the rates for automatic translation services.

Prestashop Modules Glotio

Module name: Glotio Module

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free

Link (son the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Glotio.

Creative Elements Module

If you are familiar with WordPress page builders such as Elementor, you will be pleased to know that there are modules with similar functions for PrestaShop as well.

Creative elements is a module based on Elementor that allows us to create pages and customize the layout of our e-commerce without having technical knowledge.

Prestashop Modules Creative Elements

Module name: Creative Elements Module – live Theme & Page Builder

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: €111.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Creative Elements.

PrestaShop Metrics Module

This module (developed by PrestaShop) integrates with Google Analytics, giving us access to metrics based on our e-commerce data. We can use this extension to access data records regarding traffic, sales, and orders.

Prestashop Modules Metrics

The module is free for one month and remains free if the monthly e-commerce turnover is below 1,000 euros.

Otherwise, the monthly fee varies according to the turnover:

  • €9.99 per month – turnover between €1,000 and €10,000 per month;
  • €29.99 per month – above €10,000 per month.

Module name: PrestaShop Metrics

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from to

Cost: free or premium based on the turnover of your shop.

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): PrestaShop Metrics.

Subscription Products Module

If you want to offer subscription-based products or services with recurring payments on your PrestaShop store, you may need a module like this one. Additionally, this add-on already includes several payment modules like Stripe.

Prestashop Modules Subscriptions

Module name: Advanced Subscription

Compatibility with PrestaShop versions: from 1.7.4 to

Cost: €699.99

Link (on the PrestaShop add-ons marketplace): Advanced Subscription.


In this article, we have covered several PrestaShop modules worth considering if you want to make the most of the potential of the CMS.

Integrating our e-commerce with the most popular marketplaces and social networks to expand sales channels, adding a cookie banner, or enabling new payment methods are just some of the things we can do by using these add-ons.

Which modules do you use on your store, and why can’t you do without them? Let us know with a comment.

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