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Speed up your website with CloudFlare

August 30, 2016 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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We have a partnership with CloudFlare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network), for more info you can visit their website (https://cloudflare.com/ ).
CloudFlare has multiple datacenters all over the world. It caches the static files of your website on his servers, but offers the dynamic content from your website, using a technology called Anycast to provide data from the closest datacenter to the customer.
The result is that your websites loads on average 2.5x faster and make you save 60% of bandwidth.
You can setup CloudFlare on your own. It requires to create an account, scan your website and edit the dns of your domain. It’s not hard but requires some knowledge.
We can take care of its activation for a small fee. You can buy the addon from the client area, we will activate it in few hours and the modifications will take effect in 24-48 hours, without any downtime.
*We do not offer any kind of support on CloudFlare since it’s a separate service from ours

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