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How to transfer a website manually

March 26, 2016 / Published in: , from Ivan Messina
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To manually transfer a website you need to have good technical knowledge.
We can't offer support regarding a website migration given the complexity of the operation and the number of problems that may arise, but we can perform a manual transfer for you.
The step to follow are:

  1. Download all website's files using FTP
  2. Download a database backup in sql format or sql compress
  3. Create a new database on your account
  4. Import the database using phpmyadmin
  5. Upload all the files on your account using FTP
  6. edit the script configuration file using your database access data
  7. some scripts may require to edit the path in the config file

To check if you've done everything correctly you can check your migrated website on the new account editing your local hosts file.

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