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Tutorial category: email

Change email password Change email password

Every day, we sign up for many new websites, and it is pretty easy to forget your email account password. […]

Create an antispam filter Create an antispam filter

Spam is a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of the internet. Who is that person that has never […]

How to create an email filter How to create an email filter

Email accounts organization is one of the aspects often overlooked by users. With a poorly organized inbox, it’s hard to […]

Email forward Email forward

Forwarding an email simply means transferring the mail to a recipient other than the original one. In this tutorial, I […]

Email account Email account

When managing a website, it is not surprising for you to feel the need to have several email addresses at […]

Webmail SupportHost Webmail SupportHost

The webmail allows you to access your mailboxes without the need to use a mail client on your device. This […]

How to setup mac mail correctly How to setup mac mail correctly

Error 500? Too many connections. Here is the solution. The problem is Mac Mail and the way it handles the […]

How to configure email on Android? How to configure email on Android?

On your android device open the “Email” app Click on menu -> More… -> New account Select the option “Other […]

Email client configuration Email client configuration

IMAP configuration (inbox): Host IMAP: Port: 143 TLS protection  (STRATTLS) username:   (full email address) password: [your password] SMTP […]