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Enable and Disable WHOIS Protection

January 16, 2018 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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The WHOIS Protection is a service meant to hide your personal data from the public WHOIS, since it is public and everyone can see the registrant data. This allows you to defend yourself from spam since your email address is not shown.
If you want to enable or disable WHOIS protection for .it domains please check the tutorial Enable and Disable WHOIS Protection for .it domains.
To enable or disable the WHOIS protection for your domain from our client area all you need to do is to access our client area, then click on domains on top, or “My Domains” in the left sidebar:
Verify domain contact email SupportHost
Then click on the domain name of your choice in the list on the next page.
On the left sidebar click on “Manage Id Protection”:
Enable and Disable WHOIS Protection SupportHost
Once you get to the next page the procedure is extremely simple, as you only have two options.
If the WHOIS Protection is disabled you’ll see a green button with the text “Enable Id Protection”.
If the WHOIS Protection is enabled you’ll see a red button with the text “Disable Id Protection”.
Se invece la protezione è attivata vedrai un pulsante rosso che indica “Disattiva la protezione”.

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