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Account suspended, ratelimit exceeded, 508 error

August 29, 2016 / Published in: , from Ivan Messina
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All our accounts have a resource limit to avoid a single account creating problem to the whole server.
Every account has a different limit (higher for GOLD and PLATINUM accounts). If your website exceed the limit it will be automatically suspended by our monitoring software and reactivated as soon as possible.

Silver Accounts

In the case of Silver accounts you will see a screen like this one:
supporthost tutorial ratelimit exceeded
Usually the suspension will only last a few minutes. The suspension and the unsuspension are managed automatically, so all you have to do is to wait a few minutes.
You can check the resource usage in the “1H Software” section of the cPanel. To understand what happened you can check the raw access log (inside the cPanel).
Usually the causes for an automated suspension are:

  1. Some heavy operations are performed through the admin area, maybe using more than one tab open at the same time
  2. You website is in the middle of a brute force attack
  3. Spider bot heavily accessing your website
  4. Code errors generating a loop

Possible solutions are:

  1. Having multiple tabls open at the same time generate multiple calls to the server, and this may be the cause of the reached limit. Usually you can solve just working on one tab at a time and distributing heavy work in a larger time span
  2. It s recommended protecting your CMS against brute force attacks, installing security plugins, and is always recommended to keep you scripts updated
  3. If a given spider bot is accessing repeatedly your website you can block it setting some .htaccess rules. To do it you have to understand what is happening using the raw access log and then creating the rules using a service like https://incredibill.me/htaccess-block-user-agent
  4. In the last case is necessary having  a programmer or a webmaster working on your website. Usually just checking the error_log is enough to find the problem

If this kind of suspension gets too frequent it may be appropriate to upgrade to a plan with a higher resources limit.

Gold and Platinum Accounts

Our GOLD and PLATINUM accounts have higher resource limits compared to SILVER accounts, but they do have limits, to protect other clients on the same server. If an account reaches the CPU, RAM I/O or process limits the account will be suspended (and automatically unsuspended shortly after). You will see a screen like this:
supporthost tutorial errore 508
You can check the resource usage from cPanel as shown below. If this problem occurs only every once in a while it probably represents a spike usage, but if it comes too often it could be that your website is too visited for the kind of account you have.
supporthost tutorial limiti platinum

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