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Run an AntiVirus scan

March 5, 2019 / Published in: , from Ivan Messina
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At SupportHost we use ClamAV to scan all incoming and outgoing emails on our servers, to ensure that you cannot send or receive viruses or anything else through our service.
In addition to these automatic scans, you can also perform a manual scan of your files. I remind you that all files are scanned in real time (i.e. when they are uploaded to the server) by CXS, but if you want you can perform a further scan with ClamAV.
Access the cPanel and scroll to the “Advanced” section then click on “Virus Scanner”.
antivirus scan SupportHost
Choose what you want to scan and click on “Scan now”.
start antivirus scan SupportHost
Depending on the size of the folder you want to scan and the number of files it will take a few seconds or minutes to finish scanning. On the next page you will see the result of the scan.
result antivirus scan SupportHost

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