Tutorial category: Security

A collection of tutorials to help you maintain the security of your shared hosting, tailored plans for CMSs such as WordPress hosting and Magento hosting, and all our other services.

  • Imunify 360

    Imunify 360

    In this tutorial, I will explain what Imunify 360 is and why we have chosen to use this tool. You will learn how to make…

  • Htaccess Password

    Htaccess password: protect website folders

    The cPanel Directory Privacy tool allows you to protect specific folders of our account using the htaccess password protection. By enabling this type of protection,…

  • Free Ssl Certificate

    Free SSL certificate: how to activate it

    With all our plans from shared hosting, WordPress hosting and other CMS hosting, up to semidedicated hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS cloud hosting, you can…

  • Hotlink Protection

    Hotlink protection

    If you run a website, you may have heard of hotlinking before. It is usually considered bad practice because it can be detrimental to a…

  • Install Ssl Certificate

    How to install an SSL certificate

    With SupportHost, you can purchase an SSL certificate and install it by yourself. Keep in mind that all plans come with a free SSL certificate…

  • Block An Ip Address

    How to block an IP address

    Blocking an IP address is a security method that allows you to selectively prevent access to your website. cPanel allows us to block a specific…

  • Antivirus Scan

    Antivirus scan

    With cPanel, you can run an antivirus scan in two distinct ways. In this short tutorial, I will demonstrate how to proceed with both solutions.…

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