If you become an affiliate of the following terms apply to you.

1. Our network of affiliations

To participate as an affiliate, you are required to complete registration as an affiliate you can find in the client area. We will decide whether to take or not to consider the request and will notify you within a reasonable time if the request was accepted. At our discretion, we may decide that your site can not participate in our affiliate.

1.1 How it works

We give each affiliate a unique code. This code must be inserted in the website and when clicked will send the visitor from your site to ours. If the visitor orders a service in the following 365 days from the same computer (via tracking cookies) or through the same internet connection (ip tracking), our automated system will track the sale and put the credit on your account.

For a proper operation of the visitor must have clicked on your tracking link, have cookies and Javascript enabled in your browser, not clear cookies or switch Internet Service Provider before ordering a service. If the automated tracking fails for any reason but want the commission for this referral you absolutely must contact our support to the franchisees at [email protected] When we counted please include the domain name and e-mail address of the visitor you send to us, the more your affiliate code so you can locate your account. The date and time the order is still useful. Whether or not you are able to supply this information, no guarantee of being able to add credit to your account. Investigate as much as possible within our limits, but in this case you will be given the money that will be applicable to services and can not be taken.

In some cases we can provide discount codes related to the account of the affiliate. If a sale occurs through this discount code will be credited a commission even if the customer has clicked the affiliate link.

2. Commissions

Commissions will be paid on sales made to affiliates manually successfully. A sale made with success is defined as: a non-fraudulent, active for at least 30 days, not canceled web hosting plan from a customer who has paid in full in our services and was directed to our site via your affiliate link.

Since they are potential fraud and cancellations, we reserve the right to withhold commissions up to 60 days for checks. We also reserve the right to cancel commissions in the event that we are not able to receive the funds, or if the order is fraudulent, if the client cancels the account in the first 60 days, and if we discover that the fees were earned in a way unfair for other reasons. Affiliates are not allowed to offer more discount codes. In the event that a customer purchases using a discount code will not receive a referral commission.

The amount of commission will be updated when necessary.

To be an affiliate you should not have bought one of our services.

3. Terms of agreement

The terms of membership will begin only after the above to our acceptance of your Affiliate Application and will end when terminated by either party.

Each side may terminate the membership, with or without cause, by sending written notice to the other party. Such notification must be sent via ticket. Once finished, you will not be able to receive referral commissions for future

4. Auto-affiliation

Auto-affiliation is always forbidden. By auto-affiliation we mean using tua affiliate account to buy services for yourself.

If we notice this kind of activity on an account we can eliminate the commission or close the affiliate account.

We can decide to eliminate all the previous commissions.

Our decision is unquestionable. We will always provide an explanation for our decision.