The affiliate program is reserved for owners of their own client area on the SupportHost OÜ website who are interested in promoting our products in exchange for a financial reward.

We hereby regulate the relationship with affiliates, and in particular the management of financial transactions.

Art. 1. Our network of affiliations

Affiliate marketing (affiliation) is a commercial agreement in the marketing sector between an advertiser (a company that intends to sell one of its services or products) and an affiliate (a person who promotes the advertiser’s service or product), receiving compensation for the successful completion of the promoted deal. To participate as an affiliate, you are required to complete the registration for our affiliate program that you can find in the client area. We will decide whether to consider the request and will notify you in a reasonable time if the request is accepted. At our discretion, we may decide that your site cannot participate in our affiliation.

By activating your account as an affiliate you agree to these terms.

Art. 1.1 How does it work?

We give each affiliate a unique code. This code must be entered into the website and when clicked it will send the visitor from your site to ours. If the visitor orders a service in the following 90 days from the same computer (cookie tracking) our automated system will track the sale and recognize a commission. Since this is a technical cookie, it is not necessary to accept cookies to install this cookie.

For this to work properly, the visitor needs to click on your tracking link, have cookies enabled in his browser, not delete cookies or change Internet Service Provider before ordering a service. We take no responsibility for this.

We can only credit sales tracked by the system to your account, sales are tracked automatically and cannot be changed by SupportHost.

In certain cases, we may provide discount codes tied to the affiliate’s account. If a sale occurs through that discount code a commission will be credited even if the customer did not click on the affiliate link.

Art. 2. Affiliate Management

The affiliate will be able to promote the services of SupportHost using the links and banners in the customer area on the dedicated page. These links allow for tracking, this way a commission will be paid to the affiliate for each sale resulting from his link.

In some cases, we can offer a discount code linked to the affiliate account. In this case, the commission will be recognized even in those cases where the discount code is used, even if the link has not been clicked.

The discount code has priority, meaning that if a discount code is used, the commission will be awarded to the affiliate who owns that discount code.

The affiliate agrees to:

  • Not register or purchase domain names bearing the SupportHost name or any variation thereof.
  • Not register or purchase domain names that bear the name SupportHost or any variation of the same spelling.
  • Not to use the SupportHost name on any social media.
  • Not perform any action that may create confusion to SupportHost’s customers with respect to its role as an affiliate.
  • Not to use our links or banners or other content to promote SupportHost’s service on pop-ups, pop-unders, transitional pages (transitional page ads) or layer ads.
  • Not cover or hide the URL of the page where our link is posted to prevent SupportHost from locating that site or application.

The credit is calculated only and exclusively on the services indicated on the affiliation page.

The amount is to be considered inclusive of VAT and other charges.

The amounts are calculated automatically and are available in the customer area. The affiliate cannot question the amounts shown in the customer area.

Art. 3. Commissions

Commissions will be paid manually to affiliates on successful sales. A successful sale is defined as a non-fraudulent hosting plan, active for at least 30 days and not cancelled, taken by a Customer who has paid in full for our services and has been directed to our site via your affiliate link of affiliate coupons.

Since attempted fraud and cancellations are possible, we reserve the right to withhold commissions for up to 60 days for verification. We also reserve the right to cancel commissions if we are unable to receive the funds, i.e. if the order is fraudulent if the customer cancels the account in the first 30 days, and if we discover that commissions were earned in an improper manner for other reasons. Affiliates are not allowed to offer additional discount codes (with the exception of the codes the affiliate finds inside the client area). In case a customer buys through a discount code the referral will not receive the commission.

The affiliate is not eligible for credit if:

  • These terms have not been respected.
  • The purchase order has been cancelled or the customer asked for a refund.
  • The service ordered has been suspended or terminated due to a violation of the terms of service.

The commission amount will be updated when necessary.

The affiliate is solely responsible for placement of links on their site. We do not recognize any credit for failure to track purchase orders.

Once a minimum credit of €50 has been reached (credit is earned 30 days after receipt of payment) the affiliate can request a one-click payment from the customer area.

We pay a 15% recurring commission. If the affiliate wants to get a 40% commission on first sale, the affiliate has to contact us via ticket as soon as the affiliate account is activated, before starting to use the affiliate account.

In order to send a payment we need to receive an invoice. Any taxes, fees and transaction costs will be deducted from the commission amount.

Once we receive the invoice we will send the payment via bank transfer, PayPal or as credit in the customer area. If the affiliate cannot send us an invoice he/she can only receive the amount as client area credit.

Art. 4. Terms of Agreement

Membership in the Affiliate Program is for an indefinite period of time.

The terms of the above affiliation will commence only upon our acceptance of your application for affiliation and will terminate at the time when either party decides to terminate the affiliation relationship.

Both parties may decide to terminate the affiliation, with or without cause, by sending written notice to the other party. Such notification must be sent to us via the contact form on the site. Once the affiliation is terminated, your account will no longer be eligible to receive commissions in the future.

Violation of these terms will result in the immediate exclusion of the affiliate from our affiliate program. SupportHost reserves the right to keep any amounts that have been accrued as a penalty.

Art. 5. Self-affiliation

Self-affiliation, i.e. using the affiliate account to purchase services for yourself, relatives, controlled businesses or login from the same IP in the client area is forbidden at all times.

If we detect such activity we reserve the right to delete the affiliate commission or close the affiliate account.

Such conduct may result in the cancellation of all commissions previously earned.

This decision is final, in those cases where we will eliminate the commission or close the affiliate account, we will indicate the reason why we believe it is self affiliation.

Art. 6. Use of the brand and intellectual property

By accepting these terms, the affiliate does not acquire any rights to the intellectual property of SupportHost OÜ.

The affiliate may only use SupportHost’s brand and logo to promote SupportHost’s services in the manner specified in this document.

You may not:

  • Associate our brand with other brands
  • Alter the banners or logo in any way
  • Embed parts of our site within other websites

Art. 7. Regulations

The affiliate is required to comply with all state and European regulations regarding the proper presentation of advertising messages, making sure to include all the information required by law (such as, by way of example and not limited to, the inclusion of indications such as “affiliate link”, “ADV”, “in collaboration with” etc.). The advertiser is exempt and indemnified by the affiliate from any liability for violations of these regulations and reserves the right to terminate the affiliation agreement at any time, subject to an action for compensation for damages incurred.

Art. 8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the interpretation, execution or dissolution of this contract will be governed by the law of the Republic of Estonia, with exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Tallinn (EE).

Art. 9. Changes to Terms

SupportHost reserves the right to change these terms at any time and at its discretion by posting a notice in the customer area or by sending a written notice by email.