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How to upgrade/downgrade

September 1, 2016 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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With most of our accounts you can order an upgrade/downgrade from the client area. If amongst the upgrade/downgrade options you can’t find the account you need please contact our support and we’ll take care of the upgrade. When you don’t see the option is because a server migration is necessary and we have to perform a manual migration (for free).
To order an upgrade/downgrade you have to login to our client area, then click on Services -> My Services
supporthost tutorial edit cpanel password
You will see a list of all your services, click on the one you want to upgrade/downgrade. Then on the right sidebar click on “Upgrade/Downgrade”
supporthost tutorial upgrade downgrade service
In the next screen you will see a list of services you can pick. Choose the billing period for the account you wish and the click on the “Choose Product” button and follow the steps to order.
supporthost tutorial upgrade downgrade hosting

How is the cost calculate for the upgrade/downgrade

When you upgrade to a more expensive plan you will have to pay a difference, during a downgrade we will credit the difference on your account.
How is the difference calculated?
The calculation is done taking in account how long the old plan has been used, using the following:

Old Product/Service

Price per day * Number of days to the expiry date = Credit

New Product/Service

Price per day * Number of days to the expiry date = Debit

Total to pay today = Debit – Credit


Before paying you will be able to review the total amount of the order.

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