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Request Auth-Code / Epp SiteGround

October 17, 2021 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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If you want to request the auth code to SupportHost, you can follow our tutorial and get the code in a few clicks. In this tutorial, however, we will see how to request the EPP SiteGround, an authorization code needed to transfer a domain from SiteGround to another provider.

Transfer domain from SiteGround: what is needed?

For the domain transfer from one provider to another, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

First, you have to request the auth code from the provider with which you registered your domain. The auth code, also called the EPP code, authorization code, or auth info code is a unique code associated with your domain.

In the case of this tutorial we want to retrieve the EPP SiteGround.

Only the domain owner can request and get this code, and it is essential to own it to proceed with the domain transfer. This code is used to prevent others from transferring the domain without your authorization.

The EPP code is kept by your current provider. So, in this case, if you want to transfer a domain from SiteGround to another provider, you will need the EPP SiteGround code for your domain. In the next paragraph, we'll see how to request it.

After obtaining the code, you can proceed with the transfer of the domain, in case you want to transfer only the domain, or you can also transfer the site if you have decided to change hosting. In the transfer procedure, you will have to enter the auth code in the required field. Below you see an example of the domain transfer procedure to SupportHost.

Transfer Domain To Supporthost

How to request Auth-code / EPP SiteGround

If you are looking for the EPP SiteGround code all you have to do is log in to their client area using your login details.

You will then have to access the list of your domains by clicking on Services -> Domains and access the management of the domain you want to transfer by clicking on Manage next to the domain in question.

Auth Code Siteground Services Domains

From the domain management page, just click on the three dots, as you can see in the screenshot below, and click on Get EPP Code to get the EPP SiteGround.

Get Epp Code Siteground

This way, you will get the EPP code or authorization code, that is necessary to transfer the domain from SiteGround to another provider.

Note that if you want to transfer a domain from SiteGround, you will need to unlock your domain first. To do this, access the domain management, click on the button with three dots, and click on Registrar Lock.

Registrar Lock Siteground

From this section, you can unlock the domain by deactivating the registrar lock, a feature used to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Some things to consider

The EPP code or AuthInfo Code can only be requested by the domain owner and is required to initiate the transfer of all domains.

It is good to always protect your data, every time you buy your domains online all your data are stored in a worldwide database. To avoid any problems, you can activate the Whois protection which allows you to hide all your sensitive data. This will prevent you from being contacted by third parties without having requested it.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the EPP code / Auth-Code, you are ready to start transferring your domain to another provider.

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