How we transfer your website

When you order the transfer of your domain our system opens a ticket asking if you want to transfer your website. The transfer is free only if it’s ordered with an hosting account paid for a year (or longer period) or if ordered with a VPS.
You will need to provide access credential to your old hosting account in the same day as the order. The domain transfer takes 5 days, thus we have 5 days to move all your files on our servers.
UPDATE: .eu and .it domains are transferred in less than 24 hours. In this case we’ll not be able to transfer your website in time. To give us some more time to perform the transfer we recommend to use a wrong auth-code during the order process, this way the transfer process cannot complete. Once we are done with the file transfer we will add the right auth-code to re-start the transfer process.

Transferring an account with cPanel

If your provider is using cPanel and has the native backup function active we can copy your old account on our server. This will be an identical copy, including the username and password.
NOTE: some hosting panels are called cPanel by some providers, but they are not, so the manual transfer will be necessary.
NOTE 2: Some providers block the native cPanel backup function. Not being able to use that function will result in the necessity of a manual transfer.

Transferring an account without cPanel (manual transfer)

The manual transfer costs 10€ and only includes the transfer of a single script/website. It includes:

  1. Transfer of a single database
  2. Transfer of all the files of your script
  3. Editing of the config file of your script to make it work on your account

Manual transfer do not include:

  1. transfer of more than a script (another payment will be necessary)
  2. Your website files if more than 10.000
  3. Transfer of your database if bigger than 15MB
  4. Email transfer

Email transfer

In case we have performed a cPanel transfer your emails (and all your accounts) will be moved to our servers. If a manual transfer is needed emails and email accounts are not transferred, in this case you have 2 options:

  1. backup all your emails on your computer and create new email accounts using our cPanel
  2. We can transfer your email accounts and emails (if the former provider has IMAP). This costs 5€ per email account (10€ if bigger than 250MB)

Transfer promotions

We often have active promotions regarding website transfer, offering free months of service or a free transfer. please check with our support.

Try one of our hosting plans for free and without obligation for 14 days. No payment information required!