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How to make money with hosting affiliation

July 20, 2016 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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Today we want to give you some numbers about SupportHost affiliation.
It has been a few years now since we started a collaboration with trovalost.it, a web hosting comparison website that makes money with hosting affiliation. We decided to create a case study to have a better understanding about affiliation and conversion rate of our services.
Most companies overseas are able to give high commissions to their affiliates. Unfortunately market in Europe and Italy is more competitive and most of the companies offer a 10-15% commission. With commissions as low as these is very hard to make a decent amount of money by the end of the month, as every sales account for 1-3€ of commissions.
At SupportHost we always try to be different, so we decided to send all we make to our affiliates. How can we do it? We know that 93% of our costumers will renew at the end of their period, so we can afford to not get any money for the first year that they are with us with a commission as high as 40% (this means that the minimum commission is 11.60€ for our cheapest account, and 468€ for our most expensive plan).
We decided to check the amount of sales, clicks and income to give you an idea about our numbers.
In may this is what happened:

  • 121 clicks on the affiliate link
  • 5 hosting accounts sold
  • 75.50€ made in the month

This means that the conversion rate has been 4.96%, so 1 person every 20 bought after clicking on the affiliate link with an average sale value of 15,10€.
Looking at this from another point of view, the average income was 0.62€ per click.
In June we had the following results:

  • 115 clicks on the affiliate link
  • 3 hosting accounts sold
  • 55.89€ made in the month

This month has been less productive compared to May, with a conversion rate of 2.6% but an higher per sale value of 18.63€
In this case the income per click has been 0.49€, slightly lower the the one in May.
We decided to set the affiliate percentage for all the affiliates to 40%. You can find more info on the dedicated page. We remind you that becoming affiliates is easy and free. All you have to do is to contact us giving us your name and last name and we'll create the affiliate account for you. We disabled the automatic registration due to spam. You will then have an affiliate account to track your user and obtain commissions.

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