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How to install a SSL certificate on SupportHost

March 4, 2019 / Published in:  from Ivan Messina
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With SupportHost you can buy an SSL certificate and install it all by yourself.

Keep in mind that every plan offers an SSL certificate given by Let’s Encrypt and it will be active on every hosting account.

However, in some cases it is better to use an SSL certificate of a different kind.

First of all you need to buy an SSL certificate, choosing what’s the most suitable for your needs. If you don’t know which one you need, feel free to open a support ticket. One of our team will lead you to the correct choice.

As soon as you buy the SSL certificate, an email will be sent to you with the activation link. However, before starting the activation procedure, you will need a valid “CSR” (certificate Signing Request).

How to generate the CSR

We need to log in the cPanel and click on SSL/TSL in the “security” section

generate certificate signing request CSR SupportHost

Then click on the link in order to generate the CSR

You have to fill up the gaps and generate the certificate signing request. Now you have to copy the CSR text (the codified one), because you will need it on the next step.

How to configurate the SSL certificate

After ordering the certificate on SupportHost, we are ready to click on the link in the e-mail. You will be sent in the client area, where you can manage your SSL certificate.
Now you have to fill the fields:

  • Web Server Type -> cPanel
  • CSR -> Paste the generated code

The informations will be taken by your personal profile, but you are free to change them. Then click on the below button to continue.

Validation of the certificate

Since the certificate is “Domain Validated”, we need to validate the domain. The easiest way is to create an e-mail address such as one of the listed options.

So we create the e-mail address [email protected], then we select the address in order to send the confirmation e-mail to the correct address.

We will see a message telling us that we have completed the configuration process. We just have to wait the confirmation e-mail.

SSL certificate configuration SupportHost

This E-mail will contain a validation link for the domain and a verification code. Clicking on the link, we need to insert the code in order to confirm the ownership of the domain. We will receive the certificate via email.

ssl certificate generated SupportHost

It could take a few minutes, because the certificate has to be generated by the certificate authority.

Once it has been generated, the certificate will be sent to your e-mail, or you can choose to download it from the customers area.

How to download the certificate from the customers area

If you want you can download the certificate directly from the customers area, all you have to do is to log in and click on product and services. You have to click on the name of the certificate, viewing details, and then choose “Download Certificate” in the right sidebar.

download ssl certificate from client area SupportHost

The certificate is a Zip file and it will contain two files: one .crt and the other .ca-bundle

We will need the .crt file to upload it to the cPanel.

Both files could be opened by a text editor, but we don’t need that for the installation.

How to install the certificate

Now we have generated the SSL certificate, and the certificate authority sent us the SSL certificate. The last step is the installation of the SSL certificate on the hosting account.

We need to log in cPanel and then click on SSL/TSL in the “Security” section.

generate certificate signing request CSR SupportHost

Then we have to click on the SSL certificates link on the following page.

install SSL certificate SupportHost

Scroll down to the “Upload a New Certificate” section, then upload the new certificate, set up a description in order to have a future reference, then click on upload certificate.

upload SSL certificate SupportHost

If you complete this step correctly, you will receive a confirmation message of your certificate’s activation.

How to perform a reissue of your certificate

You have done something wrong, or you want to use your certificate in another website, you can use the “Reissue” option, clicking on the link in the sidebar of the product page. You have to follow the steps outlined above.

Keep in mind that the certificate will be no longer valid after you reissue it.

SSL certificate reissue SupportHost

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